Social Media Posting Tools – Mass Planner Posting to Facebook Groups


Social Media Posting Tools – Mass Planner Posting to Facebook Groups” written by Mike Marko.

Who doesn’t want targeted leads for their business opportunity or product?

Leads, or potential customers, are essential to making money whether online or offline.  When we go online, we have an entire globe of customers yet people still struggle trying to find leads.

Bren and I have several means of generating leads that we mostly focus on.  One of those ways of getting targeted leads is by using Facebook.

For the longest time, I manually posted to Facebook groups.  I prospected… going out and strike up Facebook chats with potential customers.

But I like automation, and when someone suggested that I use social media posting tools I jumped on it.

Wow… I can’t believe I am sharing this… lol.  But here goes…

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Social Media Posting Tools – Posting to Facebook Groups

Ok… you must have heard the saying, “tools make all the difference”… but that was an understatement with Mass Planner.  If you have been following us for a while, you know we love blogging and creating content.  But six months ago we may have had 10-60 visitors a day.  I hadn’t learned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) very well yet, and we just weren’t getting the traffic to our website… and therefore not very much traffic to our products.

And we were making almost no money directly from our website.

So when I found out about Mass Planner it opened up a whole new way of marketing.

And our traffic increased to 30-300 visitors a day…. targeted visitors.

MassPlanner – Taking Advantage of Social Media Posting Tools

Ok, so I know I am not using the full potential of this tool yet.  It can do Tweets and Instagram posting… and I also know I haven’t even started using the whole potential it has for posting to Facebook (I just noticed it can create clickable images on Facebook??? what??? I need to try that).

Still, taking advantage of social media posting tools like Mass Planner, even just skimming the surface like I am, started bringing in traffic to our website… which resulted in leads (2-10 a day)… and sales!

I also found that by posting to MLM and Online Business groups, I started getting people approaching me about either looking to learn how to start an online business or trying to sell me their opportunity… which I am able to flip around 25% of the time.

In this blog post, I am not going to give instruction how to use Mass Planner… they have excellent tutorials on their website.  Instead in the video below, I am going to talk about the setting I use to get the results I have.

* Please note I CANNOT GUARANTEE results. Do I really have to say this? But there, I was gone and said it.

VIDEO: Social Media Posting Tools – Mass Planner Posting to Facebook Groups

Using Social Media Posting Tools to Post Affiliate Links

I discourage posting affiliate links directly in Facebook groups.  You want to get people to feel comfortable clicking on your links, and sending them directly to an affiliate offer right away will often turn them off.  Instead, I like to have a couple clicks between them and the capture page or affiliate link.

I then create both pages dedicated to sales copy to sell my offer, and more importantly, blog post filled with valuable content with a call to action with my affiliate link at the end.

I did this with my own main product offering, IPAS2.  I send people from Facebook to our IPAS 2 system “money page”.

How I Use Mass Planner

As I have already mentioned, I use Mass Planner to send people right to our blog posts where I have lead magnets setup.

See my Free Bootcamp ads?  Yup… Huge lead magnet.  See how our banner is done?  Another huge lead magnet.  And then we have the 20 Sources to get leads… pretty effective too.

You notice that we don’t have direct a pitchy website?  The reason is that the goal of our website is to collect leads.

And Mass Planner helps get those leads by getting traffic to our blog posts… resulting in leads.

And “the money is in the list”.

By using social media posting tools like Mass Planner to post in MLM and Online Marketing Groups, we get the targeted traffic we want.


Here are a few warnings…

  1. Don’t run more than one campaign on your own personal Facebook page… Facebook can shut down your main account so be conservative.  If you want, you can be even more conservative than my approach.
  2. Don’t post to open groups from your main Facebook account… if you post to open Facebook groups it will show up on everyone’s feed.  And that is like spam.  Don’t lose people off your friend list because you go crazy posting to open groups.


So if you want to try this out, below is a link to get Mass Planner.

yellow_getaccessnowAnd here is the link to the pdf with the settings we use: >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Here’s to your future success!

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