How to Create a Spun Blog Post | Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review

Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review How to Spin An Article

“How to Create a Spun Blog Post | Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review” written by Mike Marko.

If you want to do well in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you need to use a spinner to setup tier 1 backlinks to your target money page.  A tier 1 backlink is the backlink directly to the article or blog post you are trying to rank, or money page.

Writing a lot of unique blog posts for backlinks is very labor intensive.  That is why I recommend an article spinner  to stretch out the usefulnesss of 500-600 word backlink blog posts.

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How to Create a Spun Blog Post with Spin Rewriter

Hi, it’s Mike.

In the previous video I showed you how to use article spinner, Spin Rewriter. And so in this particular video I’m going to use I’m going to show how I’ve taken these spun articles that we created in the previous video and actually generated a blog post with it.

Copy The Spun Content from SpinRewriter to Blogger (for Example)

So what I’m going to do here is I want to get all of it, copy it all.

I’m actually going to bring it over, right you have, in this case you have a Blogger set up. You can really use it wherever you want to put it. And I’m just going to paste it here.

So I’ll just go get it and paste in plain text. And now what I’m going to do here is this first line here is I have the title. So I’m just going to go ahead and copy it, paste, paste it over here, the title. And now I’m going to start printing it out.


So I always put a heading up top. You could put a picture here. In this case here I’m not going to bother.

What you want to do is make this look relatively realistic. As if you’re actually writing on a blog post here.

Now before I said I left additional spaces. So what I’m going to do here as I start creating these, I’m actually going to go ahead and remove some of these additional spaces, so that way it looks a little more natural. It looks a little better. Because you want to make it aesthetic. You don’t want to spend a whole lot of time doing this, but you definitely want to put some headings in there and make it look like it’s supposed to be. Okay. Drop those in. Okay.

Create Your Backlinks

And so you have this. And basically what I like to do here is, sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll put down a reference URL. And I put a reference URL here. Okay. And go ahead and create whatever anchor text.

First of all, what I want to do is this is where I want to link. So go ahead and hit the link button.

Create a link that links up to it.

Okay. Go ahead, do what you normally do really quickly here for an SEO .

And so really it’s that simple. Now once I’m all set I may have to put a picture in here or two. Since something you wouldn’t normally for any type of article. That’s basically it.

Keyword The Blog Post

Maybe you want to do is again, what I talked about before is for keywords, just like you would for a blog post.

Go ahead and for your major keywords, go ahead as bold. Put here in italics. And you have an underline. You need something in quotes using the same keywords. And so that will identify the keywords.

In case you’re a blogger, I like to put a bunch of keywords in here. So whatever makes the most sense. So that way it’s actually good for aesthetical purposes. So that is basically it. So now go ahead and hit publish and we are done. That’s it.

And That’s It

Well thank you very much. And I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for future videos. Okay. Take care. Bye.

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Article: How to Create a Spun Blog Post | Article Spinner Spin ReWriter Review

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