Success from Failure with Victoria Williams

“Success from Failure with Victoria Williams” written by Guest Contributor.

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve never heard this amazingly talented woman sing before!


VIDEO: “Crazy Mary” sung by Victoria Williams and Lou Reed

Success from Failure with Victoria Williams

Victoria Williams with her Success from Failure

I’m reading “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful” and there is a chapter devoted to her story.

For those of you, like me, who are not familiar with her she is a singer song writer. She is noted for her descriptive songwriting talent, which she has used to immerse the listener of her songs into a vivid feeling of small-town, rural Southern upbringing and life. Her best-known songs include “Crazy Mary”, and “Century Plant”. She has been respected by many famous musicians long before she became well know by a benefit concert in her honor called Sweet Relief.

Victoria Williams’ Tough Times

She has had a series of many tough breaks in her life and career

She is a recovering alcoholic and while recording her first album in the early 90’s her husband asked her for a divorce. Her records were never put out on CD even though they got great reviews and then she finally got a break by being asked to open for Neil Young.

But the schedule was grueling and that’s when she got sick and started to experience numbness in her extremities.

Benefit Concert for Victoria Williams

That’s were the benefit concert comes in.. It was to help pay for her medical expenses.

Sweet Relief is a 1993 tribute album where a variety of alternative rock bands covered songs written by Victoria. The project was inspired by Williams being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and led to the creation of the Sweet Relief Fund, a charity that aids professional musicians in need of health care.

Her Success from Failure

After her diagnosis she went through periods of blindness and inability to walk.  She had to learn to play the guitar in a different way.

She says its amazing what you can learn to do when you are forced to find new ways of doing things.

Her MS taught her many things:

She learned to laugh at herself… not be so hard on herself.

She went through some dark periods during her illness with even thoughts of suicide. But even in the midst of this she gave back. She started an organization to help other musicians who may not have health insurance.

She developed healthier habits…ate better and slowed down

She appreciates each day now.

And she learned the beauty of what can happen when people help each other.

Her limitations provided her with many great opportunities.

Her stumbling blocks were her stepping stones.


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Article:  Success from Failure with Victoria Williams

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