Don’t be Afraid to Take a Chance on Your Dreams

Too many people won’t take a chance, even if there is little risk. They don’t want others to perceive them as failing. But the risk is only mental. Don’t be afraid! It’s time to take a chance and start taking steps towards achieving your dreams.

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Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams? (Time for a Reality Check)

Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams

You have probably heard that 80% of people fail at network marketing. Does that mean they are network marketing scams? Let me shed some light on the topic, and reveal the hidden secret that isn’t talked about for network marketing scams.

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Achieving Amazing Results

Tony Robbins and Amazing Results

“Achieving Amazing Results” written by Mike Marko. As I am sitting at my computer, working away, I started thinking about how easy it would be to go to bed right now. Bren and I have been working hard at building our business with the goal of reaching $50k/month by the end of next year. It…

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Know Your Outcome

Know Your Outcome. I was listening to Tony Robbins in my car on the way up to Canada to visit my family.  I love listening to Tony Robbins, and other mindset audios in my car.  It is a great idea to always do something to work on you mindset every day. I recorded a video…

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