TAO of Self Confidence – Self Awareness and Self Confidence

TAO of Self Confidence - Self Awareness and Self Confidence

“TAO of Self Confidence – Self Awareness and Self Confidence”

The following was taken from a podcast interview hosted by Sheena Yap Chan.

TAO of Self Confidence Podcast

So honored and grateful to be interviewed by Sheena Yap Chan on her ultra-successful podcast The Tao of Self Confidence!


Favorite Self Confidence Quote

When you love yourself first before you influence other people and accept yourself fully and you really truly be yourself as much as you possibly can, the world comes to you.

Definition of Self Confidence

It’s knowing that you are more than a physical body. Our consciousness is something outside the physical world and does not depend on our circumstances. It transcends time and space, our minds are all interconnected. We are all part of the one quantum mind, and that our consciousness survives physical death.

When you truly believe this then you have an inner knowing of your worth. Instead of judgment or comparison you have a knowing that we are all one mind. This brings compassion and a willingness to co- create and to serve. Some of the most confident people Bren knows possess compassion, co-creation and a servant heart.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Bren used to be in the shadows of her older sister since she was the middle child and her sister was the type A person always being the successful in the family. She gravitated to successful people thinking she can assist in their success not realizing she can create her own success as well.

The “AHA” Moment

Bren realized she wasn’t alone. She would have times when she would be obviously guided by something outside herself. We are never alone and there are no coincidences in life.

Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Through journey of self development and surrounding herself with like minded people, Bren is a completely different person who now has the belief in herself that she is a success. She has a successful blog and has been speaking in stages changing the lives of others.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Choose your best feeling thought in every situation. When you continually look for the good in life, the things to appreciate, good things will come to you and self-confidence will naturally follow. When you look for the best possible thought in ANY situation You will persist and take inspired action instead of spiralling into self pity and giving up. Self confidence will come to you.

For example: if something doesn’t go as planned, what was good about it? Before you know it you will be finding the seed of opportunity in a temporary defeat. These are the building blocks to success and self-confidence.

Thank you to Sheena Yap Chan for all you do and to all of you for listening <3


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Article: TAO of Self Confidence – Self Awareness and Self Confidence

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