Targeted Home Based Business Leads from Online for Free or Near Free

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Targeted Home Based Business Leads from Online for Free or Near Free?” written by Mike Marko.

Ok, let’s face it… a home based business is nothing if you don’t have potential customers coming back your “store”, or website. Visitor traffic to what ever your are trying to sell is extremely important.

And this is usually where many an online marketer falls short.

They don’t get the traffic to their opportunity, so they can’t get leads. And without leads… no sales.

And there are tons of ways to generate home based business leads. The free methods are ok… they do work but they take a lot of time and are difficult to scale up quickly. They can take 6 to 24 months before they start giving you a return on investment.

And there are paid methods, but what happens if nobody buys your main offer? Nothing… you get no money. And all those advertising dollars get flushed down the toilet.

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So, on one hand, you have free traffic but it takes a lot of work and time to develop and paid traffic that costs a lot of month with sometimes no return on your investment.

Pretty discouraging…

But there is a better way… a way to get targeted home based business leads

Targeted Home Based Business Leads Online

In this blog post we are going to introduce what is probably a new concept to you, and that is the funded proposal.

The ideas is really pretty simple when you think about it.
Now you normally have your core offer that you are trying to sell… right? A range of products that maybe cost at least $100. But that can be a tough sell at times depending on your traffic. And the problem is that if you don’t sell, then you don’t at least make the $100 back…

And you lost money.

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The Funded Proposal for Home Based Business Leads

The funded proposal works this way: you pay for traffic with the idea that you have additional products you can sell your leads whether they may be interested in your core offer or not.

The idea is that you sell certain products with the intention that any sales will help fund future paid home based business leads generation.

For example, we sell several low ticket products like autoresponders, and other tools, to act as funded proposals.

The tools we pick are needed no matter if the potential customer is interested today in our core offer or not. The idea is to make enough money back to cover lead costs

If you look at our Resources tab at the top of our website, you will see a list of products outside our core offer… and that list will continue to grow. Our goal is to get a really healthy cash flow from the funded proposal products, and then use the income to quickly scale the business up by buying more traffic.

Seem pretty simple, huh?

Well the story doesn’t end there…

The Home Based Business Leads System

Now imagine a system that not only promotes your core offer to maximize your profit, but it also includes several funded proposal products to help build your business.

And on top of that, this system also includes what is called a “trip wire.” A trip wire is an inexpensive product, usually $7, $17, or $27, that the buyer can’t resist buying because it is of INCREDIBLE value. The trip wire is really easy for the buyer to purchase without too much thought, and before they know it they are being shown your funded proposals… and then your core products, to get as much profit as possible from each customer.

And all of this with automation in mind for the up-selling.

Well we found a product exactly like that, and it performs even better than how it looks on paper (please note that we cannot guarantee any income, etc.) The $7 trial for seven days is the perfect trip wire to help get customers in the door.

This system is called IPAS2. IPAS 2 was over three years in the making. It has all of this plus excellent training and a tracking system inside. It can be considered similar to a franchise in nature… a business in a box. And we highly recommend it.


It is very possible to get home based business leads for nearly free when you take advantage of funded proposal products.

When you combine this with the IPAS 2 system and its tripwire and funded proposal products, you have a winning product offering that will help propel your business.

Here’s to your future success!


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