Comparison of Different Tenant Screening Services Reviews

Comparison of Different Tenant Screening Services Reviews, Top P

There are a lot of different tenant screening services. In fact, there are so many of them that you’re probably confused about which one to choose.

Still, you have to face it and choose one of them. After all, you can’t skip tenant screening. 

It’s very important to evaluate whether your prospective tenants will be able to fulfill the terms of the lease you’ve drawn up

That process can be so tedious that you really need to avail of a tenant screening service. 

There are several companies that produce a tenant screening report. They compile relevant credit, public records and, other necessary information.

To know which one’s the best for you, look for reviews about these tenant screening companies. In this blog post, I’ll discuss certain tenant screening services reviews. 

Comparing Tenant Screening Services Reviews for Property Management

In finding a tenant screening company, make sure that they’ll be able to fill all of your tenant screening requirements. That’s what guides my own evaluation of tenant screening services reviews.

For example, some companies offer individual check reports instead of a group report. That’s something to consider if you’re looking specifically for group reports. 

As another example, some may not look into employment history as far back as you prefer. 

How can you tell if a tenant screening service offers the services you need, then? There are several ways, such as though tenant screening services reviews.

But we’ll get into those later. For now, I’ll first define what tenant screening is.

What Is Tenant Screening?

Tenant screening is done by property managers to check on their prospective tenants’ profile and financial capability. 

Checking your tenant will help in preventing problems such as eviction later on.

As I’ve mentioned above, this process is quite tedious. The good thing is, there are tenant screening services which you can avail of

Outsourcing background check services save you time and effort doing background checks yourself. 

But as I said earlier, tenant screening companies aren’t all the same. Some offer more services than others — and some offer better prices than others. 

How can you figure out which screening service is right for you? 

Consult tenant screening services reviews as well as the service/product literature of each option. This may help you ferret out details that may aid you in making a decision.

To make the process even easier, I’ve put together a list of the best tenant screening companies for property managers right now. 

Tenant Screening Services Reviews

Now as I said earlier, there are a lot of tenant screening services. Obviously, I couldn’t cover all of them. 

But I did include all of the important and accessible ones in the following tenant screening services reviews.

I’ve also gone into detail about what they offer and why you should or shouldn’t hire them.

With any luck, these tenant screening services reviews should lead you to the best screening service for you. 

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RentPrep Screening Services

RentPrep is a community-driven tenant screening service. That’s the first thing you’ll see on their site. 

That’s because they use a community-driven approach. It’s actually what sets them apart from most of the others on this list of tenant screening services reviews.

The company creates educational blogs and podcasts. They have even built a Facebook community that’s collaborative. 

That’s because members help in answering questions about tenant screening. 

(That’s actually another thing that I thought made it worthy of inclusion in these tenant screening services reviews.)

Rates run from $18.95 (basic package) to $35 (SmartMove package). They are deemed to be more affordable than other companies that have similar services. 

RentPrep offers the following:


  • Credit reports, 
  • Background reports, and 
  • Eviction checks.

This site has over 100 Google Reviews and 60 Facebook Reviews. RentPrep was also featured in Amazon’s Best Selling Book on managing rental properties. 

Aside from that, they have very good customer service and produce accurate reports. 

Based on all of that, I’d say this one of our tenant screening services reviews is positive. RentPrep is a great choice if you’re operating on a budget but still want helpful data.

TransUnion SmartMove Screening Services

TransUnion is one of the 3 major credit bureaus that collect an individual’s credit data and history for credit screening. 

Because of that, it was pretty much a given that it’d be in this article on tenant screening services reviews.

It combines credit reports with your tenant screening requirements to produce a report. The rate is $35 for a complete credit report.

This company offers a tenant screening service for those who manage properties on a smaller scale. Property managers can get access to the following:


  • Accurate credit,
  • Criminal history, and
  • Eviction history.


The company also makes use of an advanced matching technology to ensure the accuracy of reports. That’ll help in making quicker and better-informed decisions.

So what’s the verdict for this entry in our rundown of tenant screening services reviews? 

Again, positive — in fact, even if you choose a different option from this tenant screening services reviews list, there’s a chance you’ll still be using TransUnion for the credit report. 

That’s because some other screening companies simply tap TransUnion for that part of their background checks.

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LeaseRunner Screening Services

LeaseRunner has no monthly fees. Unlike several other screening services in this tenant screening services reviews list, they offer an a la carte menu. You pay based on the reports you chose. 

You can mix and match any of their four background check reports based on your preference. They can also help you in picking what report/s are right for you.

Individual reports range from $10 to $20. They also give you an option if you want tenant involvement or not. The site offers reports like the following:


  • Tenant background check,
  • Eviction check,
  • Financial report, and
  • Credit report.

Another thing they offer is their flexible billing. Their services can be paid either by you or by the applicant. If the applicant paid for the service, then you can use it for free.

This entry in our tenant screening services reviews list is a good choice for certain situations. 

For example, you may want the tenant to foot the bill for your screening as part of their application cost. 

That’s when this option we’ve covered in our tenant screening services reviews is a good idea.

Cozy Screening Services

Cozy offers a mobile-friendly application. You can access it anywhere, so as a property manager, you can easily accept and track your tenants’ applications.

Reviewing the pool of applicants will just take a few minutes using Cozy. They even have an easy-to-read format in their credit reports. 

Their credit reports come from Experian, which is well-known in the industry of credit reporting. It’s another of the big 3 credit bureaus, along with Equifax and a company we’ve already talked about in these tenant screening services reviews, TransUnion.

Cozy is also a partner of Checkr. They can check county records for criminal and eviction history. 

The rate for background checks or credit report is $24.99. The rate for both services combined is $39.99. Cozy is free for property managers since the applicants pay for it.

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ScreeningWorks Screening Services

ScreeningWorks boasts quick and easy online screening result acquisition. They aggregate and translate information into a single and easy-to-read report. 

You can complete a background check in 15 minutes. That’s impressive even in this list of tenant screening services reviews.

Aside from their instant response, the company offers the following services:


  • Online tenant screening, 
  • Credit check,
  • Rental background checks, and 
  • Criminal records.


They also have a public records team that manually checks criminal records. The rate starts at $29.95 per screening, though it depends on your state. 

Where to Look for Other Tenant Screening Services Reviews

Now the above tenant screening services reviews should be enough to help you decide which screening service to use. 

But I know some property managers are especially meticulous. They may want more reviews of a service before they pay for it themselves.

If you’re one of those property managers, that’s all right. You probably want to know where to find more tenant screening services reviews. 

Should you be interested in getting more tenant screening services reviews, your best bet is usually the Internet. 

Many people leave tenant screening services reviews on the Web after using a background checking or screening company.

You can search for reviews of the company and the service you’re interested in. You may even find tenant screening services reviews on the company’s actual Google business page. 

Alternatively, you can find tenant screening services reviews from other property managers. Talk to them and other landlords you know to find out what they use. 

Finally, you can talk to friends who are employers. Employers tend to run much the same screening processes property managers do on prospective tenants. 

For example, they usually do background checks, quick financial reviews, educational background checks, and the like. To get those done, they typically tap screening services for help.

Just ask them which services they use and how they would rate those services. That way, you get a reliable opinion of a service’s quality from someone you know.

Final Thoughts on Tenant Screening Services Reviews

Tenant screening is important when renting out your property. It helps you when you’re deciding to whom you’ll rent your property. 

There are lots of companies that offer tenant screening services. They offer credit, public records and, other necessary information.

In this blog, I provided you a number of tenant screening services reviews. Here’s a quick rundown of the sites that offer a tenant screening service and which I reviewed.


  • RentPrep,
  • TransUnion SmartMove,
  • LeaseRunner,
  • Cozy, and
  • ScreeningWorks.

Before you choose which site to use, make sure they’ll fit all of your tenant screening requirements. I also gave you a few added tips on where to find more reviews of these screening services.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section below. You can also leave me a note if you have requests for more tenant screening services reviews.


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