The Eureka Effect – Podcast

The Eureka Effect – Podcast

The Eureka Effect, also known as the aha! effect, refers to the human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.  The Eureka Effect is named after the myth that the Greek polymath Archimedes, having discovered how to measure the volume of an object, leaped out of a public bath, and ran home naked shouting “eureka” (I found it). Archimedes had been asked by the local king to detect whether a crown was pure gold, or if the goldsmith had added silver. During his trip to the public bath, he noticed that water is displaced when his body sinks into the bath, and that the volume of water displaced equals the volume of the body immersed in the water.  By determining the volume and knowing the weight of the crown, he could determine if the crown was pure gold.

The Eureka Effect can happen throughout your day.  It is all about allowing yourself to be aware of these moments.

The Eureka Effect Podcast

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The Eureka Effect

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Article: The Eureka Effect – Podcast

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