The Next Step and the Tonight Show

“The Next Step and the Tonight Show” written by Guest Contributor.

We are huge fans of the current Tonight Show host,  Jimmy Fallon.

Some of our favorites of his hilarious mix of sketches and ridiculous games include Lip Flip:

and Egg Russian Roulette:

The Tonight Show has come a long way since its humble beginnings in September of 1954 with the very first host Steve Allen. Back then instead of lip flip and egg Russian roulette, Allen did something called Crazy Shots: Later known as *”Wild Pictures”. Allen’s supporting cast and guest stars would participate in quick visual gags while Allen played piano accompaniment.

In the book, Great Failures of the Extremely Successful, Steve Allen says being the original host of the Tonight Show came about as something of a blessing in disguise.

Steve Allan’s History…

He started out in radio in 1946 at the age of 25 with a comedy program. When the program was dropped the only job he could find at the time in broadcasting was somewhat of an announcer position, instead of using his comedic talents.

He stuck with it and made the most out of the opportunity. He was able to eventually turn it into a 60-minute comedy and talk show called “Smile Time” that became a huge success and provided the launching pad for all the television work he did later.

After 6 years with Smile Time he was released from his contract which led to a call from the manager of an NBC New York station with an offer to host a Late Night Show.

And the rest is history.

No Tonight Show?

If he had not gone through the seeming setbacks of having some of his programs dropped the exciting years as the very first Tonight Show host would have never come to pass.

“When bad luck strikes, which it will occasionally despite all of our precautions and prayers, we can emerge not only wiser but with material benefits” – Steve Allen

We learn from every step we take. Whatever happens today is a necessary step to get to tomorrow.

Roll with the punches and don’t look back. Its possible when a door closes in your life it’s making room for something even better.

For everything you lose, you gain something else.

Nothing is ever wrong. Everything happens for you, not to you in exactly the right moment, no matter how it may look on the surface.


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Article:  The Next Step and the Tonight Show

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