The Power of Visualization | Dreams Realized

The Power of Visualization - Dreams Realized

“The Power of Visualization | Dreams Realized” written by Guest Contributor.

“Its better to know and be disappointed than to never know and always wonder.”

The Power of Visualization

A few years ago I went back to school to follow my dream of fashion design. I got accepted into one of the best fashion design schools in the country (University of Cincinnati’s DAPP program). I’d been a nurse and LMT for years so this was a stretch and literally a dream come true for me..

After a year of classes, I was able to get my dream internship in NYC at Edun Fashion House. We were in the audience at this fashion show next to Bono and his wife Ali and Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue.

The Power of Visualization | Dreams Realized

\Dreams Realized Through the Power of Visualization

I was able to realize my dream of this internship through visualizing what I wanted (I put pictures of the office up on my walls) and also took the necessary action steps (several emails and all-nighters submitting work to them for review.

Dreams Realized through the power of visulization

Dreams Realized through the power of visulization 2

The picture on the top is one of the pictures I had on my wall as incentive to keep up with my goal. The bottom picture is the actual reality of working at Edun.

I found the fashion industry to be a lot of long grueling hours of work with no time for healthy activities such as sleep, relaxation and working out. There were definitely aspects I enjoyed, but for the most part it seemed to require your mind, body and soul.

I met some incredible people who will be lifelong friends and have the most amazing memories.  I learned that that type of fashion was not for me. Who knows if design will be in my future plans. I am open for that, but on my own terms.

Grateful for My Dreams Realized

I am so grateful to not have to wonder if it would have been right for me and to have had the opportunity to experience working for such an amazing company. I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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Article:  The Power of Visualization | Dreams Realized

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