How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies

Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams

How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies” written by Mike Marko.

The question, “How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies,” comes up over and over again among people looking to start a business, both offline and online.

I myself have research a lot of network marketing companies and when you really look at them, there are very few that you can consider a “scam” or “impossible to make money with.”

In fact, you can make money with almost all of them.

Your personal income, on the other hand, is directly related to the effort you put into growing your business, the compensation plan, and the systems in place.

Now I am not going to be wasting your time by telling you about the price points for these various business opportunities, and things like that!  There are far too many different companies springing up each day for me to do that effectively.

Instead I am going to outline what you should look when picking one out of the top network marketing companies out there.

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Points to Consider When Selecting Amount Top Network Marketing Companies

The following are my top points to consider when evaluating a possibility amount top network marketing companies:

Compensation Plan Among Top Network Marketing Companies

There are lots of different compensation plans out there… some companies give relatively small affiliate commissions while others have a 100% commission structure.

The goal is to pick your core offer company such that it pays out a high percentage commission.  If you don’t have a high percentage commission structure you will end up putting in a lot of effort for measly commissions.  That will be hard on you… but more importantly it will be hard on your downline and they will probably not last.  Since I love reoccurring income, having a program where the retention is relatively high is key for me.

What would you rather receive?  A 20% commission or an 80% commission?  They both require the same amount of work to get to a sale.

Different Products

You need to make sure that whatever network marketing company you go with that they have a variety of different product types.  You need the following types of products:

1) Tripwire.  This is a low cost product used to get your customers used to purchasing from you.  They typically range from $7 to $27 in price.  They have a low barrier to entry price that make it appealing for your customer, and help you establish a “buyer list” or a list of people that will buy similar products from you.

2) Funded Proposal.  The funded proposal is a lower priced item, but higher priced than the trip wire, that you offer the customer.  The goal with this product is to help cover your advertising cost… so that you basically get “self funded” leads.  Some people combine the tripwire and the funded proposal together as one product offering, but I think that is a mistake.

3) Re-occuring Income Products.  This is a product where your customer pays you ever month for them to have.  With re-occuring income products, once you have a bunch of customers you can still make income even when you take a couple weeks off from marketing!

4) High Ticket Items.  You are not going to make big income easily unless you sell high ticket items.  Let’s put it this way… if you are trying to make $10,000 a month you have to sell four hundred $25 products OR one hundred $100 products OR ten $1,000 products.  You need a lot less buying customers to make $10,000 if you are selling the $1,000 product.  And contrary to popular opinion (of those not making a lot of money online), it is just as much effort to sell a $1,000 product as it is to sell a $25 product.

Provided Systems

You could accumulate a bunch a products and sell them on your own.

And that will work… until your business starts to grow.  You will find that without systems it will take a lot more effort to do the same amount of work with a system.

I like systems where you actually have coaches doing the up selling for you.  That way you can spend more time building your brand and driving traffic to your capture pages.

My Perspective on the Top Network Marketing Companies

Having done a lot of research, we selected from among the top network marketing companies and found one that meets all of our requirements: the IPAS2 system.  This system has all the product types I mentioned: $7 trip wire, funded proposal, several re-occuring income products, and high ticket items.

IPAS 2 also has a great system, complete with coaches to help up sell your customers of your behalf to the higher ticket items.  So if you are looking for a networking marketing company that will help automate the process of selling products for you, then look no further than the IPAS 2 system.

Here’s to your future prosperity!

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Article:  How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies

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