Truth or Hype TV Review | Is Truth or Hype a Scam?

truth or hype tv review

Truth or Hype TV Review | Is Truth or Hype a Scam?” written by Mike Marko.

What is Truth or Hype?  Is Truth or Hype TV something that can help you create additional income using the internet, or is someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes?  Read this Truth or Hype review to find out more.

Truth or Hype TV Review

Truth or Hype TV Review

In this Truth or Hype review, I’m going to lay it all out.  I’m going to explain to you what it is, and whether this is some online scam.

Based on my research, the Truth or Hype TV is being called “the best online marketing funnel ever created.” The Truth or Hype TV is a internet sales funnel that was made to do one thing and one thing only: help you make money online so you can finally be successful online.

It is VERY important to realize that “Truth or Hype” isn’t one of those “get rich quick” schemes. Far from it.  Instead, Truth or Hype is a tested and proven online marketing system which provides you the tools needed to build a profitable online business.

In other words, Truth or Hype requires your effort to work.  It is basically half amazing marketing funnel, and half you.  If you can do 50% of the work (which is straight forward), the Truth or Hype online marketing funnel will do the rest.  Sounds pretty good, huh?

I know , you want to know what’s the big deal with Truth or Hype.   Find out by reading the rest of my Truth or Hype review.

What is Truth or Hype?

Truth or Hype is an online marketing opportunity launched in January of 2015. This online marketing system is being promoted as the best way to take internet marketing newbies by the hand into the industry.  You can literally have your new business opportunity up and running within a week!

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How Does Truth or Hype Work?

The basic idea behind the Truth or Hype system is that you’re buying into a carefully engineered online marketing system.  There is literally years of experience backing it.  The Truth or Hype system has everyday people all over the world using it to make money online, some for the first time.

We’re not talking about a couple dollars, where you would be better instead working full time at a minimum wage job (like a many of the other systems out there).  Instead Truth or Hype is a system where people have made tens of thousands of dollars per month. Some of the members make that amount in a week!!

Now I’m sure you are wondering, “So, Mike, how exactly does Truth or Hype work?”

So let’s talk about that…

How Does It Work?

First of all, the system is Buying-Trigger Driven.

“Buying-Tigger Driven” means that it’s based on the known buying habits of internet users and buyers. The idea here is that if you develop a system that takes advantage of the right rhythmic pattern of people, you’ll get more conversions, or sales.

Please keep in mind that you are half of this equation.  Your half of this partnership includes you doing things like:

  1. Build Rapport. Within you, you have a story to tell people that they can relate to and make them believe in you, and trust you.  You just have to be yourself and express who you are.
  2. Establish Authority. Give people reasons to believe in you.  When you create content, communicate like you are an authority on the subject.  Make them believe they’re reading the words of an expert.  This is can be easy with some practice.
  3. Build Social Proof. Initially  you build social proof by leveraging the accomplishments of others.  Then as you get your “wins” these wins become your new social proof.
  4. Initiat reciprocity. You help the Truth and Hype system build the start of reciprocity.  The concept is to “get someone to give you something.” The creator of the Truth or Hype sales funnel says that the old way of reciprocity is flawed and can be improved upon. Therefore the Truth or Hype system instead involves you giving someone something, and then expecting that person to give you something in return.  It all starts with you giving something of value like an article, or a video, that helps them.
  5. Create back & forth micro commitments all the way through the funnel. When a customer commits to you (like by clicking a button), you commit to them, and this goes back and forth.  This process gives you a higher chance of making a sale.
  6. Remove Risk. It is commonly known that people are hesitant to purchase a product or service online from someone they don’t trust.  They see that there are always risks involved.  And these perceived risks are the fastest way to stop a sale. A 30-day money back guarantee is a great way to remove risk, for example.  You can first remove that fear of risk by building rapport with your audience.  As you build rapport they will trust what you have to offer.  And the Truth or Hype training explains how to build that trust.
  7. Leverage trust. Finally use all the trust you’ve built up before, and as they go throughout the funnel, to get that potential customer to buy.

Now if you can do all 7 of these steps consistently, you can almost certainly make money with Truth or Hype. The 7 steps listed above are the Truth or Hype sales funnel in a nutshell.

What I’m talking about there are not really new concepts.  You can find similar sales funnels online.

Plus many sales funnels also add “scarcity” as the 8th option. With perceived scarcity you are trying to persuade your buyers into believing that there’s only a limited number of something available.  An example would be there are only 100 ebooks given out every day, or that the discounted sales price will expire in 30 minutes.

Instead the Truth or Hype sales funnel presents scarcity in a more concrete way: each of the videos in the sales funnel have a timer and a set of associated bonuses.

Truth or Hype TV Review | Is Truth or Hype a Scam?

Truth or Hype Front Pages and Landing Pages

When you become a Truth or Hype member, you get to access to the professional landing pages optimized by experts in industry to create sales.

These landing pages are amazing how well they work. While no landing webpage will ever be perfect, the Truth or Hype landing pages are breaking records.

Can You Make Money With Truth or Hype?

That’s the “million dollar” question, right?

One of the best parts about Truth or Hype is that it’s being used successfully by people all over the world…  to generate amazing online income.

Depending on how you are presented the Truth or Hype offer, you’ll see a number of different stories from real people using the system. You’ll hear from people all over the world.  You will be able to select who you want to hear from by hovering your mouse over a part of a world map.

What’s amazing is that these are real, normal people.  These real, normal people are telling their own personal stories about how Truth or Hype had an impact on their lives. Some of these people make an amazing $750,000 per year or more, while other people make less.

Regardless, Truth or Hype is open and honest about the fact that not everybody will become millionaires using this system.  But by using the system, a lot of people will be better off than they were before they started the program.

Get Started - Truth or Hype TV Review | Is Truth or Hype a Scam?

Creating Your Account with Truth or Hype

As part of the Truth or Hype application process, you’ll start by entering your email address.

After entering your email address, you’re going to be prompted to put in more contact information. You’ll be eventually asked to submit a valid credit card. After confirming your membership, your credit card will be charged a small $7 fee for the 5 day trial (NOTE: all disclosed to you during the sign-up process. There are no hidden fees).

Things get really cool after you pay the $7 fee. You’ll get to progress through a series of training programs and guides. And you even get this really cool progress meter which helps illustrate your achievements along the way.

This progress meter goes up the more videos you watch, the more online guides you read, and the more tutorials you consume.

Occasionally you’ll find a video that you are locked out of. To see those additional videos you may need to opt in to a full membership or “level up”.

For some videos, you’ll also need to click the “Trust” button. And some videos have just one “Trust” button. You’ll even have to click an “Open Mind” button at one point.

Other videos require multiple Trust buttons and a survey.  The survey will help determine how much money you want your online business to make.  It will even narrow things down by asking you what you want to buy with that money. Truth or Hype will use this information to help create a plan to achieve your goals.

You don’t need to answer these survey questions, but if you don’t it will rob you of the experience. You will see your answers come back at other points in your training. If you don’t answer the survey questions completely, the videos later will report something like “You have to make X amount of dollars per hour to buy this boat, or X amount of dollars per month to buy this house.” Therefore I encourage you to spend the extra couple minutes needed to finish the survey.

Final Take Away: Who Should Use Truth or Hype?

The Truth or Hype system isn’t like anything else. You can’t compare it to the usual low-quality online marketing programs you see online. It isn’t requiring you to pay $40 for a stupid e-book (which I don’t anyone reads) or sign up for pointless “video guides” with some so-called online marketing guru for $500.

Instead, Truth or Hype is a proven marketing and sales system that will help even average people earn money with an online business. If you’re hardworking and self motivated, your earning potential gets even higher.

The Truth or Hype system take you through every step of educating you on starting your online business. Whole more advanced users will find some of the early information to be repetitive, rookie marketers will appreciate the review.

Basically Truth and Hype begins with a $7 for a trial. You can cancel immediately if you don’t like it.  If you do realize how powerful it can be for you, then there are other training lessons you can absorb as you “level up” through the system.

So that’s what Truth or Hype is all about.  Take the next step and click the Next Step button below.


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