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What is the use of Twitter for business?

Twitter is one of the biggest social websites for networking that prides itself with millions of users across the world. The platform comes with countless features designed to ease business marketing.

The role Twitter plays in marketing today is significant for business owners.It helps them attract new customers and promote their products and services with little effort.

Advertising on Twitter is one of the best things that you can do to your brand.

In this article, I’ll help you understand the use of Twitter for business and the features you can use.

The Use of Twitter for Business Marketing

Communication is important when it comes to business marketing. Twitter promotes easy communication with people all over the world. Through the network, you can inform your audience and potential customers about your product.

You can also let them know your exclusive deals and offers you have.  

Although the platform has a tweet character limit, business owners have found ways to maximize the platform and to use it to their advantage.

The question now is, what makes Twitter so special and more preferable than other social networks?

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Twitter 101

Twitter is a microblogging tool of the social networking world. The platform consists of short and separated messages that come in not more than 280 characters.

“Tweets” is the name given to the short messages, images, links or videos that users publish on their Twitter pages.

The character limit promotes a straightforward and brief communication for users of Twitter. This makes it unique compared to other platforms.

Facebook A tweet is to Twitter the same way status update is to Facebook. But, the briefness of tweets sets the platform apart.  Besides, when you send out a tweet, your followers will see it appear real-time on their feed.

Pinterest Just like Pinterest, Twitter users may also communicate through photos. With Twitter, communication becomes much easier because users can have a conversation on the tweet that contains the uploaded photo.  

LinkedIn – Twitter is similar to LinkedIn in how long the updates ake. But when it comes to relationships, LinkedIn, unlike Twitter, does not let users connect with random people. On the other hand, Twitter allows users to connect with literally anyone.

YoutubeYou can tweet a video on the platform. However, users still prefer to share YouTube links in their tweets.

Important Considerations Prior to the Use of Twitter for Business

Compared to other social media platforms, sharing information on Twitter is faster. In fact, a single tweet could already reach thousands of users across the globe.

Still, it’s important to always have a plan especially when you plan to make use of Twitter for business.

To avoid any issues, it is recommended to create a marketing plan first.

Address the following in the plan:

  • Your target audience.
  • Interaction methods with your audience.
  • Who will run your Twitter account?

Make sure that every strategy on your page is particularly geared towards attracting your targeted audience. Plan and implement as many strategies as you can for maximum interaction. Ensure that you’re listening and responding to visitors on your page.

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Use Twitter To Your Advantage

Among your audience are potential customers that only your targeted content can attract and keep. So be patient, focused, and lively. Above all, you have to have fun on your page as you make your audience relaxed and comfortable to engage.

Whoever is running your account must learn about social networking. This includes using the tools and how to initiate consist of engagement with customers via communications in a range of ways.


Below are some of the benefits that you can get when you make use of Twitter for business.

Gives You the Opportunity to Follower More Users

The use of Twitter for business is a sure way to have more opportunities. However, with millions of people on the platform, it would take some time and efforts to get more followers.

To gain more followers, you have to ensure that your profile is visible to a wide number of users.

Get your feed visible to your target audience who are the following:

  •     Existing customers,
  •     Business partners, contractors, suppliers, vendors,
  •     Competitors
  •     Trade organizations for your industry,
  •     Business in your locality, and
  •     Companies are belonging to people you know.

Allows You to Easily Interact with Your Followers

Businesses on Twitter should maintain active communication with their audience.  

Tweeting only one to two times a day will not be an effective use of Twitter for business. In order to effectively market your business, there needs to be more engagement in your feed.

Check out these five ways to keep your interaction with your followers consistent:

  1. Tweet – It is when you publish a short message on your Twitter page so that followers can see it on their feed.  
  2. Reply – A way in which you send replies to a tweet. It’s done by typing “@” followed by the username of the user. There is also a reply button at the bottom of a tweet.
  3. Mention – Like a reply, a mention of someone is a way of notifying them about the tweet. Compose a tweet and tag the user you want to communicate with.
  4. Direct Message (DM) This is a form of private message shared only between two users.
  5. Retweet (RT)The retweet button is Twitter’s version of the Facebook share button. When you retweet, you’re sharing a tweet by other users on your feed.

Allows You to Attract the Interest of Your Followers

You should ensure that all you tweets on your feed are relevant to your business and customers. Set up communication plans that can improve your engagement with users.

One of the great ways to make use of Twitter for business is to tweet about how users can benefit from your business. Tweet photos, GIFs, videos, and links.  Tell them why your products are great and answer their questions.

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Allows You to Access It Anywhere, Anytime

Wherever you are, you can access your Twitter account on any gadget. Downloading and installing a Twitter App is simple too.

The Twitter app is also very convenient as you can do everything on it that you can do when you’re on desktop.

Final Thoughts on Why Make Use of Twitter for Business

The use of Twitter for business is important for millions of prospective customers who communicate with business owners. Twitter is rich in features that are beneficial to all types of businesses.

Not that success in business Twitter is much more than just opening an account. Creating a powerful presence is key. Adequate focus, patience, and a marketing plan are all pretty essential.

Once you attract followers, do everything possible to keep them active and served. Maintain active communication with users on the platform.

You can do so by tweeting, retweet, replying, and making sure they receive direct messages from you. Interaction with your followers is key. Create a communication plan for different topics for conversations.

If you have any concerns or questions based on this discussion about the use of Twitter for business, you can drop in the comments section below.

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