Types of LinkedIn Paid Advertising for Business

Types of LinkedIn Paid Advertising for Business - LinkedIn paid advertising

LinkedIn is a social network of more than 500 million professionals. That means there’s a huge number of prospective professionals that you can target for LinkedIn paid advertising.

If you’re a business to business (B2B) company, it’s important for you to be on LinkedIn. That’s because it’s already the best content distribution channel for B2B marketers.

Before you start with a LinkedIn paid advertising campaign, there are some considerations that need to be addressed.

79% of B2B marketers say that LinkedIn is a vital source of leads. So, there’s a big chance that your own competitors are already on LinkedIn.

What can you do to deal with a lot of competition on LinkedIn? Among the best marketing strategies for LinkedIn is LinkedIn paid advertising.

LinkedIn paid advertising offers more to your marketing efforts. It can help you get users attention for them to notice your brand and content.

The first thing that you can do is to familiarize yourself with the different types of LinkedIn paid advertising. Here, I’ll discuss it with you so you can get the real advantage of it for your businesses.

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Importance of LinkedIn Paid Advertising for Business


The audience targeting options should be the first consideration when doing LinkedIn paid advertising. That’s because they’re a big influence on its success so far.

You can target clients by their skills, job title, and education through LinkedIn. These LinkedIn audience targeting features surpass other social networks’ audience targeting features.

You can also target through the following aspects:

  • Location that’s based on IP address.
  • Type of industry.
  • Company contacts.
  • The company size for which the user is connected.
  • Job function or designation.
  • Current or former employers.
  • Years of experience in the field.

Those aspects let you easily pinpoint your ad audience and prospective customer.

But of course, to get a result, you still have to make an effective advertising. To be able to do that, you have to choose the type of LinkedIn paid advertising.

So, let’s now discuss the different types of LinkedIn paid advertising that is very useful for your business.

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Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content

The Direct Sponsored Content or the Sponsored Content is the most common type of LinkedIn paid advertising.

It lets you do the following:


  •         Share content,
  •         Drive traffic to the website’s landing page, and
  •         Promote company updates.

Since it’s in a user’s news feed that makes it clickable and prominent, you’ll likely to get more engagement.

It allows you to use larger images and more text to attract people. This feature can bring about more conversions and brand awareness.

Sponsored content is effective to lead people to a blog post.

You can choose from the two types of payment:

  •         CPC or cost per click – you only pay when a person clicks on ad.
  •         CPM or cost per mile – you only pay when a person sees an ad.

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Sponsored InMail

In getting more leads and engaging your target audience, Sponsored InMail can really help you.

This type of LinkedIn paid advertising allows you to send private and highly personalized messages to your target audience. A message is composed of greeting and a call to action button. You can add a link as well.

Unlike other types of LinkedIn paid advertising, you can use this LinkedIn ad on different kind of devices. Others can only be used in a computer desktop.

The price for Sponsored InMail is CPS or Cost Per Send. That means you only pay for a message that’s successfully sent.

You may think that it’s costly as a LinkedIn paid advertising option. But this type may be one of the most effective kinds of LinkedIn ad. That’s because it doesn’t fail to reach email recipients’ inboxes.

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Text Ads

Text Ads makes it easier for you to test effective ad copies and images. That’s because it allows you to create different advertising variations for a campaign.

Though this type of LinkedIn paid advertising only works on desktop, it’s best for a prompt campaign because it’s so easy to manage.

Text Ads has a lower cost compared to other kinds of LinkedIn paid advertising. Thus, you can take advantage of bringing awareness to your brand among your followers through this ad.

Like the Sponsored Content, pricing for Text Ads a cost per minute (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM).

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are most useful for ads job openings and having users to follow your company page on LinkedIn.

This kind of LinkedIn paid advertising is beneficial for generating leads and enabling content downloads. For instance, users can download an e-book via ad itself.

This is also shown on the right side of news feeds and only works on desktop like Text Ads. It’s designed for all-out convenience. For example, users’ info and email address can be sent directly from the ad without typing by hand.

That’s convenient to your audience thus may improve chances to click your call to action (CTA) button.

Lead Gen Form

The Lead Gen Form gathers more leads from your advertising with pre-filled forms already with users’ information.

This kind of LinkedIn paid advertising can be viewed on all kinds of devices. It can also be used with Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content.

Users can get the advantage of convenience with Lead Gen Form. They don’t need to do so much to fill up the form and they can submit it right from the ad just like with Dynamic Ad.

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Final Thoughts on Different Types of LinkedIn Paid Advertising for Business

In the blog post, I talked about the different types of LinkedIn paid advertising that you can use effectively for your business online. I’ve discussed all the types of LinkedIn ad and its features and use.

I’ve also encouraged digital marketers to choose the right type of advertising to avoid a waste of money.

Here are the types of LinkedIn paid advertising options in this post:

  •         The Sponsored Content and Direct Sponsored Content,
  •         The Sponsored InMail,
  •         The Text Ads,
  •         The Dynamic Ads, and
  •         The Lead Gen Forms.

Each of these LinkedIn paid advertising options has its strengths and specific advertising purposes. Digital marketers must keep those in mind when selecting their campaigns.

Make sure you know how to use LinkedIn effectively before using these Ads. You can read my previous blog post on how to LinkedIn for business marketing for that.

For additional questions about LinkedIn paid advertising, just leave a message in the comments below.

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