U2 May Have Setbacks

U2 May Have Setbacks

U2 May Have Setbacks

I’m a HUGE U2 fan! So check out this video of U2’s Bono where he describes the making of their video, New Year’s Day, back in 1983.


U2’s New Year’s Day VIDEO:

Bono had a vision for snow in the video and  since there wasn’t snow in Ireland traveled north to Sweden to shoot the video. Guess what happened? No snow… they went further north to Lapland to catch the snow, getting disillusioned and frostbitten and finally were able to shoot the video. I can imagine there was a bit of grumbling and complaining along the way.

How often have you planned for something, had a vision and something happens? It usually goes something like this..I have a goal or vision. I follow though. Shit happens… That’s when you have to decide to give up or hold on to your vision and keep going.

And then it can get worse…


Did you know that U2 was rejected by at least one record label before finally signing with Island records?

U2 May Have SetbacksThis, and I’m sure countless other things, happened on their path to becoming the legend that they are. They could have questioned their value, questioned their contribution and given up at any time, but thankfully they didn’t give up. And they now have brought joy to millions, not only with their music, but through  involvement with charities like Amnesty International, Red campaign, One, Zero Hunger, Global Fund and 100’s of  other causes that they have funded and help to raise awareness.

Was it faith or vision or a combination of both that caused them to persevere?

Only Bono and the band could answer that. Probably both and a little grace thrown in.

I DO know that if YOU have a vision for your life there WILL be glitches and setbacks. And the bigger the vision you have the bigger the bumps along the way.

But the World Needs Your Unique Vision

It may not be music or art. It could be writing or coaching, yoga or cooking.

There are people that are in need of your talent and wisdom…your unique contribution to the world.

So the next time you are on a mission to accomplish one of your goals or desires and there is a temporary setback…

Go north… follow through… take the next step and stay true to your goal and you WILL get there.  It will be amazing, gut wrenching, exciting, and at times disillusioning. You may get frostbit or rejected, but it will all be worth it because your unique journey will be of value and inspiration to the thousands of people who need you.



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Article: U2 May Have Setbacks

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