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You know what? You’re in luck today because in this post, I’ll show you how you can make a company page on LinkedIn.  

You’ll gain huge benefits when you know how to make a company page on LinkedIn. It’s one of the top social media channels for B2B marketers when it comes to content distribution. In addition, it’s among the top social networking sites.

There’s really no doubt that LinkedIn is very valuable for businesses today.

To be effective on LinkedIn marketing, your company must have a powerful presence on it. You can start by making your company page.

Here, I’ll teach you how to make a company page on LinkedIn now. I’ll help make your business visible on the LinkedIn map. I’ll also help you present your business on the platform in a more effective way.

Make a Company Page on LinkedIn

You may wonder why you still need to have this guide on how to make a company page on LinkedIn while you know it’s the easiest part of the process when you join a social media network.

It may appear easy, but actually, it’s not. There are a lot of things that could go wrong when you make a company page on LinkedIn. One mistake could be choosing the wrong name for your page.

Making a company page on LinkedIn is not just signing up to represent your business on LinkedIn.

So, marketers can really benefit from this guide on how to make a company page on LinkedIn. Let’s get started.

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Sign up and Create Your Company Page

Just like I’ve said earlier, signing up for a personal account is the first process when you decide to make a company page on LinkedIn.

The signing up process for a personal account on LinkedIn is nearly the same as for other platforms for social media. All you need is a valid email address for account verification.

But LinkedIn has a different set of requirements for a company page.

Before you make a company page, make sure that the profile has the true first and last name. In addition, your profile should be 7 days old or more.  

This is to prevent users from creating a huge number of dummy pages on the network. It happened on Facebook, that’s why it’s important to note.

After meeting the requirements, you can log in then to your account. Click on the upper right corner that says, “Create company page”.

Type in the name of your company and your page’s URL to the next page. Remember to use the actual name of your brand when you choose a company name.

In some cases, company names may have duplicates. To prevent confusing your customers, make sure to choose a URL that’s unique to your company.

Here’s a list of guidelines to make a URL for company page:

  • Put at least one non-numeric character.
  • You can consider these: lowercase alphabet, hyphen, numeric, or CJK (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) Unicode.
  • Do not include more than one hyphen.


Complete Details About Your Company

Once you’re done creating your company page, you can then add more information.

Of course, this is still part of the process of how to make a company page on Linkedin. There’s no point in a business page if it doesn’t contain company information.

Your company page will only have more followers and visitors if it has important info about your business. In addition, people will only follow a page that looks legitimate or professional.

Your page will look more professional if it’s complete with the necessary information. In order to do that, try to add the following data to your page:

  •         First class company logo,
  •         A comprehensive company description,
  •         A website URL,
  •         Information about the company size,
  •         A list of fact about the industry, and
  •         Information about the company location.

Aside from those, you have to include the list of your products/services. Also have a link to product testimonials and reviews.

By doing this, there’s a big chance of increasing your sales. Why? That’s because people can easily see your products as well as their value.

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Increasing Your Page’s Visibility on the Internet

Be sure to make use of search engine optimization every time you make a modification on your company page’s “Overview”. It will help increase your page’s visibility on the Internet.

Search engine optimization involves the use of keywords that’s related to your products and services. Your company page should contain these keywords.

LinkedIn users can see your page by just entering keywords into the search bar. See to it to use keywords in the summary of your business. You should also include keywords to the content so that users can see them in search engine results.

Using Your Company Page Effectively

The whole Linkedin marketing doesn’t end with you setting up your company page. See to it that you’re getting the attention of your target audience. You really need an online active presence to establish your business on the platform.

Luckily, LinkedIn has useful tools for marketing your business. Make sure you use them right after you make a company page on LinkedIn.

Consider to do the following to help you use LinkedIn constructively:

  • The content should be regarding your business. It should also contain impressive photos, engaging caption, and hashtags to attract the attention of your target audience.

When you post the right content to the company page, it will improve your brand’s credibility. Users follow company pages that have impressive facts about a certain topic.

Prioritize Engagement on Your Page

You’ll definitely create engagement when you post useful and right content. It’s also good to always respond to their comments.

These actions can help build trust. And if you gain their trust, you can turn them into potential leads or regular customers.

So, you really need to invest your time and effort to build engagement. Replying to their comments, complaints or feedback can help you also improve on your product/service.

Most especially, it really contributes to the reputation of your company.

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Final Thoughts on Make a Company Page on LinkedIn

In this article, I’ve talked about making a company page on LinkedIn.

The process of choosing to make a company page on LinkedIn is like making it on other social media platforms. There’s only one difference, and that is, LinkedIn has fewer requirements.

To make a company page on LinkedIn, the first thing to consider is that your account should contain your true name. In addition, the account should be at least 7 days old.

When you’re done with the requirements, you can just log in and look for the “Create Company Page” button.

Be sure to fill out all fields and add important information about your business. That’s also a critical step to make a company page on LinkedIn

When you’re done with the page creation, you have to make sure that all necessary information has been added. Don’t ever forget to use search engine optimization to increase your business’ visibility on the Internet.

So there, you already have created your page. But always remember to keep your page active as well by posting content and interacting with followers.

If you still have more questions on how to make a company page on LinkedIn, just leave them in the comments section below.

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