A Business Owner’s Guide on How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Business owners must learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. This is important so they can gain huge benefits from it.

LinkedIn remains the biggest networking platform for professionals worldwide. The population of LinkedIn users now is almost at 600 million. More than 200 million are active users of this platform. Moreover, almost 50 percent of LinkedIn users log in to the site daily.

What does these all mean to business owners like you? You’ll have a hundred million potential consumers to market to each day.

Go to LinkedIn if you have a service or product that you want to sell. It’s certainly one of the best places to advertise.

Learning how to use LinkedIn effectively definitely pays off.

Many companies make use of LinkedIn to boost their online presence. Individuals can also use LinkedIn to advertise themselves.

No other networking platforms advertise one’s skills better than LinkedIn does. This makes recruiting the right talent a less daunting task. It also makes finding the perfect business partner so much easier.

Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. Do this if you want to take advantage of these business benefits LinkedIn can do.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively and Make Your Business a Big Hit!

It’s high time that you create your own LinkedIn account. It’s one important step towards gaining  the benefits that you can get out of the platform. But, it doesn’t just end there.

Start learning how to use LinkedIn effectively once you’ve created your account.   

It’s not enough that you’re on LinkedIn. You need to be active on the platform as well.

Everybody knows that being active is the key to success on LinkedIn. The same is true for any social networks. You’ll become productive once you know how to use LinkedIn effectively.  

LinkedIn is a huge powerhouse of opportunities for marketers. But many business owners are not taking advantage of it.

LinkedIn tops the list of content distribution channels for those who are into B2B marketing. If you’re  a business owner, make this fact work to your advantage.

LinkedIn occupies a significant place in the social networking platforms for content impressions.

Statistics show that content impressions on LinkedIn amount to 9 billion each week. However, not all LinkedIn users realize the benefits of sharing content. And only 3 million of them does. This number makes up only less than 0.5 per cent out of 575 million LinkedIn users.

In short, only a few realize the benefits of sharing marketing content on the platform.

There is so much space on LinkedIn for entrepreneurs. They can use this space for expanding their content marketing efforts. And it all starts with knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Luckily, you’re now about to learn how to do it.

What follows are the steps you need to know how to use LinkedIn effectively. This way, you can easily grow your business.

Now you’ve learned about the opportunities that you shouldn’t miss when doing content marketing. However, be prepared to learn more.

Here are some content publishing tips. Just make sure it’s relevant to your target market on LinkedIn.

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Sharing and Publishing Content that Reaches Your Target Audience

Knowing about content marketing is one crucial step. Business owners who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively must realize this.

It’s very important to identify your audience. Make sure to do this when you’re into content marketing.

You also need to know the kind of content to produce. This way, your target audience will become interested to read it.

The basic rules for content marketing:


  1. Publish content that interests followers.
  2. It should have that “what’s in it for me” factor for the audience.
  3. Avoid publishing content that only serves to advertise.  Otherwise, learning how to use LinkedIn effectively will be in vain.

LinkedIn users have higher tolerance for aggressive marketing campaigns compared on other social media platforms. But, this fact must not be abused.

Content marketing must be aimed at offering value to your audience. This gives them an impression that what your company offers can be of great value to them.

This leads us to the next question.

How do you know what kind of content is interesting to your audience?

You need to come up with what they call an audience persona. This “audience persona” is the typical consumer whom you’ll be selling your products or services to.

How do you determine your audience persona? Formulate questions that’ll lead you to the “ideal customer” you have in mind.  

It must elicit answers about your market’s goals and challenges in life.  

Once you’ve identified these things, ask yourself what your product or service offers. It has to provide them with solutions. The list of questions does not end here. Continue to come up with more questions to build your exact ”audience persona”.

Learning about how to use LinkedIn effectively makes doing this such a breeze.

Get involved in industry trend research to make it much easier for you. This gives you an idea on what topics interest your audience. Make building your audience persona easier.  Try to learn from the marketing efforts of your competitors.

Increasing Your Number of Followers

Publishing useful information is one surefire way to expand your network. This is easier to do once you’ve learned how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Increase your number of followers by putting a LinkedIn badge on your company website. Once your web visitors click on this badge, they’ll be redirected to your LinkedIn page.

It would be great if your email signature has your LinkedIn information on it. This is one important thing to know if you’re learning how to use LinkedIn effectively.

When your email recipient clicked your LinkedIn information on your email signature, he’ll be taken to your LinkedIn profile.

Another way to grow your network of followers is to involve your company staff. Let them promote your business via their personal accounts.

Your business cards must have your LinkedIn information on it. This way, your customers will know that you’re on LinkedIn.

Learning how to use LinkedIn effectively doesn’t end there. So keep reading.


Maximizing the Use of Tracking and Analytics Tool

Now you’ve learned about the importance of publishing valuable content. Let’s continue to learn about how to use LinkedIn effectively.

How do you know that the content you published is useful to your target audience? Monitor your published content. Then find ways to determine which content was appreciated the most by your audience.

By monitoring your published content, you’ll know which topics have more value to your audience. You’ll also know which of them need improvement.

Fortunately, LinkedIn offers a tool called Company Page Analytics. This tool allows you to track and monitor your content.

This tool enables LinkedIn users to evaluate the level of engagement of their audience. It also helps them determine the current trends. This tool also helps entrepreneurs know their audience demographics.

This Company Page Analytics tool enables LinkedIn users to know more about page traffic. The best thing about it is that you can use it for free. It also provides information that’s very significant to your network expansion goals. This is just another reason why you should learn how to use LinkedIn effectively.

You can’t take advantage of this tool if you don’t first create your own company page.

Check out my previous post if you haven’t created your own company page yet. It talks about how to create a LinkedIn company page.

Videos and Photos as Marketing Tools

It was in 2017 that LinkedIn finally gave a go signal to their users to upload videos. Business owners want to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. It’s because they want to expand their marketing efforts.

Therefore, it’s helpful to know that you can now upload videos on LinkedIn.

Take videos and photos from a mobile app. Then upload these to your LinkedIn page. These photos and videos will boost your marketing efforts.

You’ll have great opportunities for promoting marketing campaigns when you know how to use LinkedIn effectively. It’s also an excellent way of conveying useful information to your audience.

It’s also a great idea to upload videos about your company. It gives your audience the chance to have a visual of your physical location. You can also post videos that reveal how your products are developed.

This is one way of letting your target market know what your company does. They’ll also know what your company offers. This serves as the ultimate aim of your marketing efforts. Make sure to use this feature even when you’re still learning how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Remember to tag everybody present in the video once you upload it. This includes the people who created it for you. They’ll also be able to tag their friends. Thus, this creates a domino effect a.k.a network expansion made easier.

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LinkedIn Showcase Pages for Highlighting Your Company’s Best

LinkedIn also has a great feature known as LinkedIn Showcase Pages. If you’re learning how to use LinkedIn effectively, find out what this feature can do for you.

The LinkedIn Showcase Page allows users to highlight any significant event. These events must be worth sharing to your audience.

LinkedIn users can use it if they have content that they want to share to a specific market. It’s like an extension of a business owner’s company profile.

Maximizing the use of this feature gives business owners more chances for their content to reach their target audience.

Final Thoughts on How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

This blog post provides you with helpful information on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

LinkedIn is one great place to promote your company’s products and services. LinkedIn should be an essential part of your marketing strategies as an entrepreneur.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively is much like gaining huge advantage over your competitors.

Using LinkedIn as a part of your marketing efforts gives you the following benefits:

  • Faster expansion of your network,
  • Effective means of finding your target customers, and
  • Build and develop your brand.


Business owners must be serious about learning how to use LinkedIn effectively. This takes their business to a higher level. You should take advantage of the benefits that LinkedIn provides.

With LinkedIn, broadening your circle of connections becomes possible. Learning how to use LinkedIn effectively helps  your business gain the popularity it deserves.

To reiterate, here are the tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively.


  • Publish content that’s relevant to your target market.
  • Take advantage of the different methods that LinkedIn offers on how to gain followers.
  • Make use of LinkedIn features to monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns.
  • Upload videos that help you spread the word about your company.
  • Harness the power of LinkedIn Showcase Pages. This will help highlight significant aspects of your business.


Create first a stunning business page. Do this prior to doing all of the above mentioned steps.

Articles about this topic has already been published. Check it out if you want to review how to use LinkedIn effectively.  You can also read my helpful tips for starting a new business on my LinkedIn page.

For questions about how to use LinkedIn effectively, just write them on the comment section below.

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