Ways On How to Make a Creative Instagram Name


“Ways on how to make a Creative Instagram Name” written by Mike Marko.

Are you having a problem creating a unique Instagram name? Do you want to know the tricks in making your Instagram name creative?

Let me help you with that, I have ways on how to make creative Instagram name.

Ways On How To Make A Creative Instagram Name

Instagram community is getting bigger and bigger as the time goes by and having a creative instagram name is getting more and more difficult to have. Everyone wants a good and unique one right? something that you won’t be embarrassed giving out to your friends and relatives. Let me give you some ideas on how to make a creative instagram name.

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Me, Myself and I

Make it personal, use your life as an idea. putting what you love or what you always do will give you an idea to be unique and creative. let’s say you are a traveler @iamatraveler will do. or you love  eating ice cream, @icecreamaddict will do. Make it a representation of yourself and showcase you.


Your pastime or hobbies will also be a good a idea on how to make a creative instagram name, I love singing and my favorite genre is R&B i can incorporate r&b in making my instagram name i can use RNBlover then i can use a number it may be my favorite number 08 or my birth year. so for this i can make  it as @rnblover08. This is also a good way for you to easily remember your name and people will know your interests. People with the same interest will then interact to you and you will gain more friends

The Simpler the Better

A simple instagram name sometimes is actually better, make it your initial or last name. this is easy for those who already have a unique last name for example if your name is John Schneider, you will have a much easier time than Mark Castro. There are different ways on making your last name unique let’s say a simple last name Like “Krist” spell it backwards “Tsirk” this is a unique idea and will be even more striking to those who know you.

Use other Languages

Barely anyone is going to know what “Ganda” means (a Filipino language) or the word “Oishi” means (on japanese). This is another way on how to make a creative instagram name. The use of some cute words on different language is cool and  some of the most creative usernames aren’t English! so make use of your other languages!

Use Adjectives

Another way on how to make a creative name on instagram is by using adjectives that would describe you the best. Instead of using your first name with your last name like Johnsmith08, AwesomeJohn08 probably is more blinding for others. Do not always use your email address as a username. Half of what makes a login uniques is the username, the other half is your password. Make sure to have a unique password for this will prevent the hackers to hack your account. There are tons of adjectives some are even cute and really sounded cool so use them!

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Use Unique Characters

Using keyboard symbols is another way on how to make a creative name on instagram, like $^*%^, unicode characters such as ♠, ♣, ♥, ♦, ♪ or other special characters some of these characters can even create cute emojis that is very in nowadays. remember this will work on instagram but this might not work on other social media. You can put a simple name with those characters for example simplecoco08♥♥♥ that is a unique one, so go and use them!

Name generators

When you are really lacking imagination, Name generators are to the rescue. you can search these name generators online and be amazed on the name and number combinations they can provide you this is another way on how to make a creative name on instagram. This is a trick they will know that you did that so utilize those ideas and surprise your friends and the people you know by your name.

Be careful

You know that this kind of community will expose your identity unless you choose to be private. People in this community will be able to see and know your information most specially if you’re using them as your username. let’s say your full name or even your last name, your street address this is also dangerous. making use of obscene words could be offensive as well. So be careful and instead be creative step out of the box and create a name that is more unique than the others.

Don’t make it long

Do not make an excessively long username, yes we want to be unique being unique doesnt mean that you want to make a very long username. no one wants to type in a very long username on the login page everytime, and people will not be able to remember you as unique either so why not make it short but different that way even if the name spelled difficult. People will still be able to remember you and your account.

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Check your username

You will be able to also know if your chosen username is unique and creative by the use of internet! Visit a site such as KnowEm? and enter your username. you’ll be able to see there if your chosen instagram name has the most number of usage this will give you more ideas on how to make a creative username on instagram.

Make sure it reflects you!

Your account represents yourself and who you are. so make sure that your username will reflect you as a person, your personality and the things you do, make sure to love what you choose and be confident sharing it to people who are asking you. live with it and trust yourself that no matter what username it will be, this will not stop you by posting beautiful and creative contents. (let me know if this content helped you in creating your instagram name comment and share your thoughts down below) So what are you waiting for? Create one now! And if this worked for you let me know!

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