Emotions of a 5 Year Old

Emotions of a 5 Year Old

I was wondering if you would play a game with me called 5 or 50?

Here are a 12 statements and corresponding emotions. They were made by either a 5-year old or a 50-year old. Can you guess which ones are which? In case it’s not obvious, the answer key is at the bottom of the page. ☺

Emotions Test

1) We’re going to Disney world! – excited and happy

2) How much is this vacation going to cost me?- fearful and worried

3) There’s a fire station!- excitement and wonder

4) There’s my tax money hard at work- resentment

5) There’s a cop, He looks so cool! I want to be a cop someday – anticipation

6) There’s a cop. how fast were you driving? – fear

7) That’s a pretty yellow flower; mmm it smells good – appreciation

8) Damn dandelions, now I need to fertilize the lawn-frustration

9) Look at that machine digging dirt – excitement and wonder

10) So THAT’S what’s holding up traffic, most of them are standing around doing nothing- frustrated and irritated

11) Wow look at that mansion I wonder who lives – there-awe

12) Rich snobs- resentful

When you read each statement notice the corresponding emotions attached and how it makes you feel. If you’re like me, the statements made by the 50-year olds are heavy and constricting, and the statements made by the 5-year olds are light and expansive.

Children just naturally wave a magic wand of grace over everything.  The world is filled with wonder and possibility.  In other words, they make their world, the world doesn’t make them.

When Did You Stop?

When did you stop believing you could have what you want; that anything was possible?

When did you stop imagining, noticing and being in awe?

In shamanic societies if you need healing for depression.  One of the questions the shaman  will ask you is “when did you stop being enchanted by stories?”

Many times it’s an event or series of events that causes us to go from creating our lives to our lives creating us.

  •   Losing a job
  •   Losing someone you love
  •   The shame and guilt of a divorce
  •    Filing for bankruptcy
  •    A perceived failure

This is a stick I picked up on my run today as I was thinking about writing this blog post.

What-Happened-to-All-the-Emotions - Bren-Koger.jpg

As I glanced down I thought, as a 5 year old I would have picked it up and magically pretended it was a flute.

Today it is a magic wand I wave over everything in my life, to see the world as the magical place that it is, full of miracles.  If I want a vacation in Paris? Done! I just need to imagine and get the feeling of excitement about a new and exotic place by going to a great new French restaurant, or visualizing myself on in a hotel room with a view of the Eiffel tower.

Take back your power and wave a magic wand over everything you see so that you can witness it with 5-year-old eyes.  Not only will you be happier, but you will attract more and more magical experiences into your life.

The easier it gets, the easier it gets.

(the key here may not be necessary)

1) 5
2) 50
3) 5
4) 50
5) 5
6) 50
7) 5
8) 50
9) 5
10) 50
11) 5
12) 50

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Article:  Emotions of a 5 Year Old

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