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Kalatu Premium is HERE Kalatu Premium Review

What is Kalatu Premium (ENV3) | Empower Network Kalatu Review” written by Mike Marko.

When I first I heard about “Kalatu” I thought to myself, “What is Kalatu?

To me it sounds like some mythical creature.  Although it isn’t a mythical creature, it is definitely something just as cool.

UPDATE – September 4, 2016

Up until recently, we were STRONG supports of the Kalatu blogging platform.  We have been testing the platform for almost two years now, and we how wish to report that we NO LONGER support the Kalatu blogging platform.  We will keep our Kalatu blog in order to make sure we can review accurately any changes, but we can no longer support Kalatu as the best blog and marketing platform of choice when we have found a MUCH BETTER PLATFORM at a MUCH BETTER PRICE.

It would be irresponsible of us not to present this alternative to you.  Not only is it better (better features and ranks better in Google) but it’s at a fraction of the price.  So before you consider getting the Kalatu blog be sure to check this platform out first by clicking the button below.

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What Does Kalatu Mean?

The word KALATU comes from the aboriginal word meaning ‘story telling.‘

So much for my mythical creature theory… oh well.  Still it’s a pretty cool sounding word.

Mobe review - alternative to Mobe is ipas2

So What is Kalatu?

Good question: what is Kalatu?

Kalatu Premium is the brand new blogging system, ENV3, about to be released by Empower Network.  I guess the name makes sense… because that is what blogging is all about – story telling!

The nice thing about the Kalatu blog is that you don’t have to be an amazing story teller to create blog posts or build an audience.  The blogging system is setup to make it easy for anyone to create content on the internet.

The launch of ENV3 marks the 3rd anniversary of Empower Network.   Empower Network announced that they are bringing multiple improvements to their infrastructure, including their core products. As part of these changes Empower Network is introducing a new state of the art blogging platform that will allow users to take advantage of all of the benefits of a WordPress site, without the hassles and technical difficulties that starting a website can bring.

Kalatu has multiple features including the latest version of WordPress 4.0, some really cool widgets and multiple themes that will be easy to customize with just a few clicks.

Kalatu makes it easy to do stuff like finding the right theme for your business, selecting the best and safest plugins, ensuring website security, backing up your website, creating lead capture pages, etc.




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The Kalatu Challenge

For the inauguration of KALATU Empower Network is starting a 21-day blogging challenge.  To help with brainstorming ideas, it is coming with a specific template that will guide you in the creation of worthy content that will be sure to attract buyers and future prospects to your website. Also if you are new to blogging you will definitely learn a few strategies that will maximize your blogging efforts and get you closer to your desire results.

What's All the Fuss About?

You are probably thinking, “Ok, Mike.  So it’s just another blogging system.  What’s the big deal?”

Two years ago, I would have thought the same thing… well truthfully two years ago I would have probably thought, “What the heck is a blog?”  Lol.  I had no clue back then.

Benefits of Blogging

Anyway, first of all blogging is key to making money long term online.  It has to be part of your strategy.

Sure you won’t get rich overnight with blogging.  But blogging offers so many benefits such as:

  • Developing a following
  • Connecting with potential customers
  • Converting leads into buyers
  • Lead capture

And the list goes on…

If you are trying to promote anything… either something online or offline, if you don’t have a blog then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  To learn more about how to grow your business online with a blog, check out this article on How to Get Leads with Kalatu.  The influence of the internet isn't going away.  In fact, you are probably finding that if you want to know anything you are going to your favorite online search engine to find out more: restaurants, trivia, movie reviews, sport scores, entertainment, a good plumber, etc... you get the picture.  If what you are trying to promote isn't online then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

And blogging isn't limited to just business.  Blogging is also great for promoting charities, fund raisers, community events, hobby and craft ideas, or even your family vacation photos!

Bren and I actually make most of our online income from blogging.  It is a great way to build up passive income: you write blog posts that will make you money overtime.  The more blog posts you write, the more potential income you can make.  We love it because once you write a blog post, you leave it to let it "work" while you go off to write the next one.  You really can make money blogging.

What is Kalatu by Empower Network

The Kalatu Blogging System Advantage

If you know anything about blogging, you will probably know that WordPress is the most popular and most powerful blogging system available (without programming your own from scratch…. But who does that now anyways).

The problem with the fully customizable version of WordPress is that it takes a while to setup, and you have to get your own hosting.  Plus it can be a bit complicated to figure out to get the best benefit of the platform.

The Kalatu blog changes all of that.

It helps simplify the entire process of setting up and maintaining your blog.

The hosting is taken care of.

The plugins to optimize your blog are taken care of.

The theme’s are optimized and ready to go.

You are basically ready to start blogging right away… “right out of the box”.

And blogging is the best way to create a long term, sustainable business that will create leads and sales on autopilot.  And isn't that the reason why we all want to build an online business?  To be able to make money with less effort?

And when you sign up with Bren and myself, we'll teach you how to make money blogging effectively.

Kalatu Premium Take Away

If you are ready to start building your online presence  and grown your own business, then Kalatu Premium is exactly what you are looking for.  It  make website design and content creation extremely easy.  What are you waiting for?


For more information check out this Kalatu Review.

If you want to know how to make money online promoting the Kalatu blog, or similar products, then Bren and I highly recommend the IPAS system.  Learn more about IPAS2 by clicking here.  

Happy blogging!


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