What is the IPAS2 Trip Wire?

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What is the IPAS2 Trip Wire?

One of the benefits of the IPAS2 online business system, and part of what co-founder Chris Jones calls the IPAS2 success triangle, is something called a tripwire.

What is an IPAS2 Trip Wire and Why Use It In Online Marketing?

A trip wire is an extremely affordable offer that is nearly impossible for your prospects to resist. It typically costs between $1 and $10 which allows your customers to test-drive the product without spending a lot of money.  Studies show that once customers have made one purchase with you, they will, more than likely, become repeat customers.

Examples of trip wires can be anything from a local language translation guide, an area map of attractions, a PDF of tips, or a training video.

The IPAS2 tripwire is a $7 investment in which your prospect will receive several training videos and testimonials of how and why internet marketing works.

By allowing your prospects to test out the product without a huge investment, you not only make a certain amount of money upfront, but you establish credibility and your prospects receive valuable training and testimonials that will entice them to take it to the next level.

Tripwires in IPAS2 Doubles your Sales

If you’re trying to market online using the old school method of:

Get traffic ––capture page—– offer—- sell with a million emails = OLD SCHOOL

Here’s why it no longer works:

•    People are sick of it
•    They ignore it
•    There is too much competition
•    Too much hype online right now

There is a Better Formula

The new formula works like this:

Get traffic- —add a trip wire—– sell core offer—-double conversions = BETTER WAY

Without adding a trip wire a typical conversion rate is 1.5%. For a product like IPAS2’s main $47 product that’s $705. With a tripwire not only does your conversion go up to 8%, studies show people who buy with a trip wire are 10 times more likely to buy a core product.

So for 1000 prospects who buy the IPAS2 trip wire for $7  your trip wire profit=$560

30% go on to buy the $47 main product= $1128.00 sales

1000 people = $560+ $1128.00 =$1688 in sales.

You go from $705 to $1128. That’s over double your sales adding the tripwire!
and there’s more….

They added  another simple step that takes nothing to implement…
They added an IPAS2 second trip wire.

It takes an average of seven exposures for people to buy online.  With IPAS2 your prospect will get a system of eight emails.  If they don’t take the first trip wire after 8 emails, then they are offered another tripwire in a slightly different way.

That’s two trip wires and two proven methods to double your sales.

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If you still have questions about iPAS2, check out our iPAS 2 FAQ by clicking here.


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