Learn from Dan Lok: What to Do When Prospects Lie during a Sales Call

“Let me think about it”.

“I’ll think about it”.

“I’m still not quite sold” or “I might need more information”.

I bet you already heard these famous lines from your prospective clients.

The famous lines I mentioned above are all excuses and lies, you’ll never hear from them again. And you have lost the sale.

Maybe from the past, you also offered them to get their email in order for you to send more information or arranged a follow-up call to check in them again after they’ve had the time to think.

Let me tell you this, prospects will lie to you all the time. If the prospects say they want to think it over, it only means that they’re actually saying “No” to you.

So that’s why in today’s blog post, I’ll discuss with you on what you could learn from Dan Lok when prospects lie during a sales call.

Dan Lok Explains How Prospects Lie to You during a Sales Call

You should remember that if a prospect says they need to think about it, or will call you again, they’re actually saying these three things:

  • “I don’t have the money” – it’s about the money and they don’t want to admit that to you. Instead of telling the truth, they lie and say to get back to you or call you again but it only means they will never call you back again.
  • “I don’t see the value” – you’ve presented all the information, however, they don’t see the value on it because you failed to present the value that will attract them
  • “I don’t see the urgency” – basically, the prospect doesn’t see any urgency to buy, because you didn’t give them a reason of urgency

So in order to prevent this kind of situation, below are the following tactics that Dan Lok personally experience on what to do when a prospect lie to you during a sales call.

Tell Them Why They Should Buy, or They Will They Why They Can’t

In every sales call or sales meetings, there are two things that can happen. It’s either you’ll close the prospect why they should buy, or they’ll close on why they can’t.

Remember, if you agree to let them think about it, basically you’ll lose the sale. Maybe because you failed at showcasing the value of your service, or you failed to insist the urgency of why they should purchase.

How should you reply if prospects use the famous line “let me think about it”? Actually, it’s not about how you respond, it’s about how you can manipulate the call in the beginning. If you answered “Alright, I’ll call you in two weeks from today to see if you’re ready” will basically lose the sale.

So in order not to lose any sale, I’m going to teach you how you can manipulate the call to make sure you don’t get any excuses from your prospects.

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Re-Frame the Call at the Beginning to Avoid Excuses

In order not to get away from prospect’s lies and excuses, you should need to reframe the call.

Here’s an example of Dan Lok’s spiel:

“Hello, Good day. The purpose of this call is to acknowledge whether it would be good for you and me to work together. After this call, you could come to one of this three decisions. Answer “Yes”, if it’s a good fit, or “No” and that’s fine. A “No” is an acceptable answer, and the third thing you could say is “let me think about it, however, I don’t want you to say it, I’ve been doing this for a long time and that really means is “No.” So, let’s agree on something, you should only answer “Yes” or “No”.

In this spiel, you could see that Dan Lok reframed the entire conversation and manipulate the way it is going to play out. You could see that it become harder for a prospect to say “No” and at the same time it delivers a message that it’s perfectly okay to say “No”.

Using this spiel will prevent the prospect to say “let me think about it” excuse so you can make it at the end of the conversation. However, if you forgot to reframe the conversation, there’s another way where you can ace the sale.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Direct

You must be straightforward because prospects always lie and they usually use irrelevant information redirect your attention from the conversation. Remember, your goal is to get the truth, so don’t let your prospect divert your attention to irrelevant information.

Dan Lok, as a great high-ticket closer, you need to get the truth. In order to get the truth, you must say this spiel:

“You know what Mr. Prospect if people tell me they want to think about it first, it means NO. I know you don’t want to hurt my feelings.” Using this spiel, a prospect will be impressed with how direct you are with them. This will also tell them that you don’t buy their excuses and you’ll like to finish this conversation.

Remind Them Why They Called You in the First Place

You know, it’s vital to know why they called you in the first place. However, it’ll be easier if you ask them directly. Like for example, is there any problem they need to solve? Or is it about money?

Of course, it’s always about the money. If money is not the problem, basically, they’d have ordered from your right now. Now, if you ask them directly, they’ll probably say yes. In addition, they will also tell you that it’s not in their budget. Maybe, they don’t want to admit it, however, by being direct you can get the truth behind their “let me think about it”.

If the real issue is money, you can offer them an alternative way or offer them a solution. Like for example, you could offer them to break up the cost and arrange multiple payments. So prospect, will likely to say yes to you. And because of that, you’ve regained the control of the sale, and at the same time, you’ve aced this sale.

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Final Thoughts on Learn from Dan Lok: What to Do When Prospects Lie during a Sales Call

That sums up today blog post about what to do when prospects lie to you during a sales call.

The strategy I discussed today will really help you to save the sale in any call or in a meeting. You just need to remember that prospects will always lie to you. So you need to be direct, straightforward and confident. Don’t be distracted by their irrelevant information or if they trying to divert your talk.

Because you already know that if they walk away from the conversation, or you agree to let them think about it, you’ll never hear from them again. Always remember that you can’t help them if you don’t sell to them.

“Conviction, directness, confidence, and certainty are the key to close a huge sale” – Dan Lok.

If you find this blog post informative or you have any question, leave them in the comment section below.

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Article: Learn from Dan Lok: What to Do When Prospects Lie during a Sales Call

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