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Looking for what to post on Twitter for business?

If you’re using your Twitter account to tell people about your business, make sure you don’t leave it idle. Keeping its content lively is the way to go.

Twitter is a social media network on which people post a staggering amount of content per week. Leaving your account silent when Twitter is full of interactions is like killing your business or not exposing it to the world and potential customers.

Nevertheless, never think that tweeting nonsense just so you can say you tweeted is productive. The essential thing is being able to generate conversational content to raise the level of engagement you obtain from your audience. If you don’t take this seriously, you might lose your account to inactivity.

We will use this article to give you a variety of ideas on what to post on Twitter for business. These comprise ways to produce interesting and impressive content for your followers to make your business marketing successful.

Things to Post for Business Tips on Twitter

It takes a minute for the Twitter feed of users to refresh. Your presence is so important that without it, your customers may forget about you and your business will fall apart.

The main reason for the creation of Twitter is public interaction and exposure. So you need to do all you can to boost those.


Words aren’t the only conversational tool on Twitter. There are other simple ones that you can use to communicate with users.

Let’s take a look at some of these methods of engagement that followers employ and how important they are to your Twitter feed and business.

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The Meaning of Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement refers to the many kinds of interactions that users post on the social network as a response to your tweets. They include:

  •         Replies,
  •         Likes,
  •         Follows,
  •         Retweets,
  •         @mentions,
  •         Permalink clicks,
  •         Profile clicks,
  •         Link Clicks, and
  •         Tweet expansion clicks.

If you stay present and active the right way on Twitter, your content will be resonating with your audience. That’s what starts them reciprocating.


That’s how businesses grow to have millions of followers on Twitter.

In reality, there is no exact formula for posting on Twitter, but there are patterns you can follow for tweeting successfully. This is so the audience you have can appreciate your content and engage it.

Here are high-engagement tweeting tips that can help you with this process:


  •         Photos boost retweets by 35%.
  •         Videos boost retweets by 28%.
  •         Quotes boost retweets by 19%.
  •         Numbers boost retweets by 17%.
  •         Hashtags boost retweets by 16%.

Understand that the amount of engagement you get may not always be the same. Factors like your industry and followers affect the results you get.

Keeping your followers on board consistently is essential. Here are some concepts about things to post for business on Twitter.

Tip 1: Asking Questions

The simplest, most engaging way to get closer to your followers is to ask questions.


Make sure they are interesting and inviting questions, asked in such a way that your followers will be eager to respond.

Ask them about relevant facts, trivia, or even their feelings or thoughts about certain topics.

However, refrain from posting questions that are too complex. Avoid ones too that require lengthy answers that will take more than the character limit that Twitter offers. Your followers won’t want to post many times just to supply a single (long) answer.

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Tip 2: Retweet Relevant Posts

In too much of a hurry to write an original tweet?

Simply pick up an interesting post somewhere safe and retweet it. With that, you can expand your reach and develop a potential partnership.

Irrespective of the fact that retweeting does not involve any effort, it does have the power to affect your followers’ engagement rates.


However, only wisely retweeted posts can pay off. Retweeting the wrong thing can be disastrous.

Tip 3: Make it fun

Be current and relatable, so that your perspective should be understandable and generally appealing. Referring to current events in your tweets will be a very good method of attracting the attention of followers who do not live in your community.

Ensure that whatever you post should have no elements of insensitivity to other followers or people they care about. Avoiding tweets that offend people is a smart thing to do.

Watch out for posts that are detrimental to the image of your brand.

Tip 4: Answer Questions


If any of your fans or customers post a question worth answering, go ahead and answer it.


When you do that, it becomes one of the best ways of attracting the attention of the users you need to engage and who also need to get your products or services.

Tip 5: Sharing Your Wisdom

Posting thought-provoking inspirational ideas every day is a good way to engage or connect with them continually.


A lot of users can easily relate to inspirational tweets and probably retweet them, and that’s how your business will benefit from the interactions.

Tip 6: Seeking Points of View or Suggestions

Asking for your followers’ opinions or suggestions on something is like creating an opportunity to experience high engagement.


This works well if you are also answering their questions and queries in a very involving and inviting way. Giving followers your attention comes with a great payoff. Note that customers are always right.


Make sure you use hashtags to augment the visibility of your tweets too.

Tip 7: Post Announcements and News of Your Business

Since your customers and followers are into your business, they want to know what’s going on. When you post news or announcements about your business, they follow it with interest.


Tweeting exclusive deals, discounts, or promos helps to raise the level of engagement your account is enjoying. That’s how prospective customers will find and be interested in your business.


Think of offering special deals to your followers. That’s also an excellent way to bond with them and a chance to get closer to other followers and potential


Conclusive Thoughts about What Is Worth Posting on Twitter

As a Twitter user, remember to give engagement the importance it deserves. The need to keep up regular tweeting is a serious one and leaving your business account idle or running on just an occasional tweet here and there is not the right thing to do.


Giving your feed less attention is definitely going to render your business irrelevant, and that’s not what you want. To let your business stay relevant, adopt the concepts discussed in this guide on what to post on Twitter for business.

Ensure that you’re engaging your followers by way of asking questions and using games or contests. Try seeking their suggestions on simple, interesting things or events too. Customer feedback is an essential way to improve your feed with better content and services.  

To engage, you must be interacting with someone conversationally. Also, at times, tweet interesting content from your followers and provide them with answers to some of their questions or inquiries. Share inspirational ideas and points of view about every current happening that is important and worth commenting on, especially in relation to your brand identity.

If you have read the information above about what to post on Twitter for business and have a question regarding it, ask it in the comments section below.

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