What to Say In Your Videos

What to Say In Your Videos

What to Say In Your Videos

Videos are a very effective way of attraction marketing.  They allow your audience to get to know you, become familiar with you, and be entertained by you, while you give them some information.  Creating YouTube videos can be as easy as shooting a video with your iPhone and uploading it to your computer…. so there is really no technical challenge.  In fact it can be easier and less time consuming than writing a blog.  But you still may run into an obstacle: what to say in your videos.

The following YouTube video discusses how to overcome this challenge.  Watch the video to the end for the bonus tip!

VIDEO: What to Say In Your Videos

The key knowing what to say in your videos is to structure them.  By structuring them they help lead your viewer to the end.  Start with presenting the problem you are going to help your viewer solve at the very beginning so they know whether the YouTube video is worth listening to.

Next introduce yourself.  Do not assume anything.  Your viewer may have found your by doing a YouTube video search and found you for the very first time.

Solve the problem is the next logical step.  Make sure the solution is congruent with the problem you mentioned at the beginning of the YouTube video.

Finally have a call to action within the YouTube videos.  Have your viewer do something… specifically tell them to perform an action.  Ideally you only have them perform one or two actions.  Actions can include:

  • Go to your website
  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel
  • Like your YouTube video
  • Comment on your YouTube video
  • Buy your product
  • Subscribe to your list for more information
  • etc.

Video Length

When creating YouTube videos, another thing to consider is the length.  At first YouTube will limit the duration of the videos you can upload… until you have uploaded enough videos.  After that you can upload videos an hour long or more.  But should you have longer videos?

You will find that most of your audience will have trouble watching your video if it is more than 4 minutes long… and often 15 minutes or more and you will lose most of your audience unless they really want your content.  Therefore I try to target the duration of most of my videos between 2 to 4 minutes.  If you do create a much longer video because you had a lot of content to cover, consider breaking it up into segments.  You can even release the videos a day at a time to help build interest and suspense.

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What to Say In Your Videos



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Article: What to Say In Your Videos

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