Who is the Villain – Rich People?

Who is the Villain Rich People

Who is the Villain – Rich People?  

I very seldom watch movies because I like to LIVE MY OWN MOVIE 🙂, but I do like the cardio-theater at the gym I attend every day. It’s dark and quiet and I can be distracted by a movie on a huge screen while I run on the treadmill. The miles seem to go by a little quicker.

Yesterday I saw a movie, “Unstoppable,” with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. They are railroad employees saving a runaway train carrying toxic chemicals. They, of course, save the day in typical Hollywood fashion. No big surprise there! Another thing that was typical in the movie was the portrayal of the rich business owner. The railroad owner was portrayed as this overweight, selfish, non-caring, greedy a-hole who put thousands of lives in danger because he wanted to save the train instead of having it derailed immediately and costing the company a lot of money.

Rich People

This Hollywood stereotype perpetuates the myth about rich people being bad.

Not to say that there isn’t corporate corruption and rich people who have made decisions based on greed and profit, but the vast majority of managers mean to run ethical organizations.

It would make for a much less exciting movie if the business owner was shown as Bill Gates giving away billions of dollars to charity.

The reality is that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The Ford Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation, to name a few, give away billions of dollars to charities for scientific research and other worthy causes each year.

And the lesser known Lee and Jane Seidman the founder and president of the motorcars group who gave $42 million to the Ellison Medical foundation in 2010 and Paaul Terasaki a pioneer in the field of organ transplant donated $50 million to the University of California Los Angeles. The list goes on and on. Without these donations we would not be able to make the strides in global health, sciences and education that we do.

Not to mention, rich people statistically exercise and eat healthier-less drain on health care costs. Rich people make their kids read and read more themselves than watch TV – contribute to literacy. Rich people volunteer 10 hours or more a month, teach good success habits to their kids and believe in life long self-improvement.

So the next time a movie tries to portray the antagonist business executive out on the golf course too busy to care about the poor worker bee saving the day remember the real truth behind the Hollywood hype.


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Rich People

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Article: Who is the Villain – Rich People?

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