Why Blog – Will Blogging Help My Business Grow?

why blog will blogging help my business grow

Why Blog – Will Blogging Help My Business Grow?” written by Mike Marko.

I know when I first heard about blogging… to be honest… I had no clue.  I didn’t even know what a blog was, let alone that it could be used to build an online business.  Now our blog has turned into a money making machine that is getting more and more powerful.

So if you are at the same stage where we were two years ago, asking “why blog”, let me help you answer that question.

Why Blog – Will Blogging Help My Business Grow?

Today’s technology gives business owners, professionals, and of course online marketers, a tremendous way to reach a globe of customers.  If you can leverage the internet to reach people, you tap into a seemingly endless supply of buyers.

why blog - will blogging help my business grow

Reason #1 Why to Blog: Communicate With Your Audience

Why you share content online that is interesting and informative to your marketplace, you will start developing a following that will hunger for your next piece of content.  Your blog will soon because the go to place to get information about that industry, business, products and services.  This will give you “targeted traffic” of people that are interested in your product niche: they will be in the market, or soon will be.

Reason #2 Why to Blog: Your Online Billboard

No matter if your business is offline or online, having a business blog site provides an important presence online… just like those huge billboards you see on the edge of the highway.  Of course, there are many marketing techniques to get more people to visit your blog site.

Reason #3 Why to Blog: Grow Your Business

While you utilize a blog site as your hub of your business, it can help your business grow.  It will attract new visitors that find you on social media, or from Google searches… depending on use you it and promote your content online:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) so you are found on Google
  • Social media syndication (using Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Social bookmarking (indexing your content on other sites)

Having the right knowledge and training on blogging consistently is key.

How to Learn to Blog

In a previous blog post, What is the Largest Blogging for Profit Network, we talked about the power of choosing the right blog.  Having the right training and mentors to build your blog is just as important.

That is why Bren and I recommend the ENV3.0 blogging system.  Although it hasn’t been released yet, based on the history, the ENV blogging systems have been incredible blogging platforms.  And the new platform scheduled to be released in the next month is going to dominate the internet.  Bren and I are already making plans to grow these pivotal blogs for our blog network.

In addition, the training that comes with the blogging platform is amazing.  It formed the foundation for the online business that Bren and I built over the past couple years.

What is the Next Step?

While the ENV3.0 blogging system is not available yet, you can still take advantage of the ENV2.0 blogging system and build up your content.  Get the Empower Network Viral Blogging System and start blogging today.

If you want to learn more about the Viral Blogging System, or the Empower Network training products, check out this Empower Network Review.

So start blogging today.  And the answer to the question, “why blog?”… well it’s because it is the most important part of building an online presence.


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Article: Why Blog – Will Blogging Help My Business Grow?

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