Why Is Instagram Good For Business

Why Is Instagram Good For Business

“Why Is Instagram Good For Business?” written by Mike Marko

There are so many social networks available today that it can be difficult to determine where to focus your digital marketing efforts.

I believe Instagram should be one of your business’ top digital marketing priorities. Consider having Instagram to promote your products or services and you will get amazed with the results.

If you are new to Instagram, this should not stop you in trying to promote your business online. Before I was in the same situation, I never thought that Instagram will be a great strategy to grow my business. After researching about this powerful social media platform, I have every reason to believe that Instagram is the next big thing that every business should consider.

In this article, I will share my views on why is Instagram good for business.

Why Is Instagram Good For Business And Why Consider Using It?

With more than a hundred million of Instagram users actively posting forty million pictures within a day, imagine the number of people that you can reach to promote your business. With this huge number of audience, Instagram would be a great way for your business to reach your customers.

Here are other reasons why is Instagram good for business.

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  1. A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Instagram primarily uses photos to share and show in the newsfeed. That means users see a lot of photos from people they follow. So how would your photo rise above from anyone else? Your creativity then comes into place where your followers would see it attractive compared to others. They will end up opening your profile and get more interested in the products your business offers.

Always remember, a good photo will create potential customers that will help you succeed in online marketing. Instagram would be a great way to build a business brand around the whole world by sharing good quality photos and videos. It genuinely helps to get connected with a number of potential clients very easily.

  1.  Fastest growing social network

Facebook has plateaued and  Instagram is currently growing faster than any other social network.. As a business, it’s always important to stay ahead of the curve and to quickly adapt to changes in consumer trends. When it comes to consumer trends in social media, Instagram is the hottest thing going right now.

  1.   Instagram Encourages Customer Participation

Customer participation in Instagram is one of the strategies that businesses use to enhance the organizational relationship with its target customers. This involves both existing and potential new ones. It is a strategy that mainly includes a free exchange of opinions and experiences where customers would take a selfie of themselves with the product brand. A business can run photo contest allowing customer participation.

Through this, your followers’  followers will be able to notice your brand, not to mention, you can have your business advertise to a wider target audience. This has been proven as an effective tool for increasing sales.

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  1.   Instagram Gives You The Chance To Create A Personality For Your Business

Photo and video posts tend to do a better job of reaching users’ emotions than simple text posts. When you tap into users’ emotions, they’re more likely to remember your brand in the future.

Instagram is an ideal place to create a personality and a feel for your brand regardless of what product or service you’re offering and what audience you’re trying to reach. Instagram is the perfect place to create and/or reiterate what your brand stands for and why people should care about it.

  1.   Instagram Allows Your Followers To Build Trust In Your Business

Through the photos you post on Instagram, your followers will be able to know more about your business brand. This allows them to build trust in the products you are marketing online. People need evidence, they believe in the things that they see. If they saw how reliable your product is, you will eventually gain their trust.  

  1. Geotagging

The ability to geotag posts on Instagram allows local businesses for marketing to local audiences on a large scale. So when you upload a photo or video to Instagram, you can tag the location where the photo or video was taken. By doing this, nearby users can discover your content and business location, even if they don’t already follow your organization on Instagram.

Instagram lets users view posts based on the on the tagged location of the post. A user may then begin to view all uploads that are tagged as being in the town or city that your business is located in. In the feed of photos and videos that they see, the photos that you uploaded from your business will be visible. The user then sees your product and physical location, which will lead up to visiting your business and/or following you on Instagram.

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Final Thoughts On Why Is Instagram Good For Business

Now that we have fully understood why is Instagram good for business, you should be able to have a good start promoting your business online. I hope this article would help you and your business succeed in no time.

However, it is up to you to decide whether to pursue this opportunity or not. I suggest though that you would since there is nothing to lose by trying.


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Article: Why Is Instagram Good For Business?

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