Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page?

Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page

Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page?

Although people often use Facebook as a social/interactive tool, as a business owner and entrepreneur, there are several reasons why you should consider a Facebook Fan Page.

1) A Facebook Fan Page is public

Because most of Facebook is hidden behind a login, it prevents search engines from indexing.  However Facebook Fan Pages are often now blocked with a login and therefore can be found by search engines and indexed (so it shows up on the search results).

2) The page include links

Since the Facebook Fan Page is public, you can get some nice Facebook.com link juice, or link credit.  This will help what ever you are linking to be found easier by search engines.

 3) Automatically Sends “Updates to Fans”

A great feature is that you can send updates to your “fans” whenever you want.  You basically create a database of followers who are actively seeking updates from you.  You can send messages about new products, updated websites, or just build general rapport with your audience.

4) You Control the Page

You can quickly and easily setup something that resembles a webpage.  It is important to setup a Facebook Fan Page before your competition or a fan does so you can control the message.  You want to be able to send the messages, edit or remove sections, and control the information to an extent.

5) News Feed

When a fan joins a Facebook Fan Page, it’s published in their News feed for all their friends to read (unless this feature was turned off).  It could make joining your Fan page somewhat viral.

6) It’s Free and Easy

Making a Facebook Fan Page only takes a few minutes.  Add some information, a link to your website or product, and upload the logo and you’re done.

So go ahead and take advantage of this free tool  By the way, please be free to check out our own Facebook Fan Page: Bren & Mike Prosperity Tips.


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Article: Why Should I Create A Facebook Fan Page?