Why Should You Create a Facebook Company Page?

The Secrets to Improving your Facebook Company Page

You’re probably wondering if your company needs to be on Facebook, given how many businesses are on it right now.

And the answer is yes, it should be. It’s absolutely necessary that you open a Facebook company page for your business.

Facebook is hosting billions of consistently active users, and that makes it social media’s most widely used network. That alone makes it a powerful platform that can elevate your business by helping you reach the biggest audience of your life.

A good number of people running companies keep wondering why they have to incorporate their business into Facebook.

It’s because there are benefits to having your business on Facebook. There is absolutely no reason not to have a Facebook company page for your brand.

I wrote this blog post solely because I realized that lots of business users do not like to introduce their business to Facebook.  

Now, let’s look at the reasons which make a Facebook company page so important that you need to create yours.


The Importance of Creating a Facebook Company Page

Facebook features among the top leading social media platforms for business because of how comfortable and customized it is for all types of businesses.

Facebook comes with a whole interface created for businesses such that they have profile pages for business and a system for advertising with a design meant to target the relevant audience for your niche.

So, what makes the Facebook company page an essential factor for your business?

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Facebook Is Marketers’ Top Social Networking Site

Since 2018, the number of active monthly users on Facebook is about 2.27 billion. That’s a super huge number of users.

In fact, that’s 22% of the world’s population, and the number keeps skyrocketing.  

As a business owner, the great number of Facebook users is exciting because you know that among them is your target audience. Hence, a daily increase in their numbers can only benefit you.

The reality is that most consumers are \always there browsing and that helps to make it easier for business owners who are marketing on Facebook.

Consumers are also following what social media platforms are saying about particular products and that determines their response to adverts like yours.

Studies say 44% of consumers shop based on the influence they get from Facebook posts and comments. So, reach out to them with your content to shape their minds.

Another interesting fact is that as many as 47% of users get into Facebook on mobile devices. And besides, these very users spend 19% of their time browsing through their mobile devices for content from other Facebook accounts.

As a marketer, facts like this one are so relevant to your Facebook company page because consumers use their mobile phones more than their desktops.

Reaching your audience anytime, anywhere is therefore so easy since they’re on mobile devices.

Target and Grow Your Audience Easily

Facebook comes with an audience targeting tool that can help grow your audience as you monitor and track them online. It’s a great tool to help you see the progress of your marketing campaign.

Have you heard of “Facebook Insight”? It’s an engagement tracker designed for account owners to be able to target their audience with their content.

The tool works for individual and company pages. With it, users can check who interacts with their page and use that data for your marketing.

“Peak hours” are some of the payoff moments to post your content on the Facebook company page. Thursdays and Fridays from 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. are the best peak hours.

You simply have to make use of these hours and more views and interactions will come to your page.

The content you publish on your company pages will also appear on news feeds of other users. Also understand that the content your followers like is going to appear on their friends’ news feeds or timelines.

However, it always depends on the private setting of their account.

One very impressive thing about a company profile is that users must not follow or like your page to have access to your content… unlike what happens when your profile is personal.

That’s a huge advantage for Facebook company profiles since they can have access to just about everybody.  

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Assemble Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Additionally, a Facebook company page gives your audience the chance to view, consume your content, and leave reviews.

Their friends will see those reviews. Some of them would choose to share some content they deem relevant for an audience or friends they know.

That alone will help others to come across the quality of your content. Reviews are very important because they will remain there as a reference for your potential customers.

It’s a smart idea to embed good reviews from your Facebook company page on your website. That’ll help your visitors see how positive consumers have been considering your brand. That’s very good news about your brand to your potential visitors.

The need to encourage your Facebook audience to be active on your Facebook company page is quite important.

This is because the page needs to keep engaging your audience so that incoming visitors should be impressed by the activity on the page via conversations, shares, and likes.

It’s a good idea to ask your followers for feedback using posts, or you can even set up polls.

It’s also advisable to make 80% of your posts for the audience and 20% about your brand.

Provide a Call-To-Action Button to your users

A Facebook company page comes with a feature that offers call-to-action buttons to your followers to do the following:

  •         Sign up to become a member of your community.
  •         Pay for your services or products.
  •         Learn more about your business.
  •         Consult your business.

The buttons also promote the need to engage with your company.

The Benefit of Ad Placement in the News Feed

Businesses on Facebook have the privilege of placing ads on the right side of a Facebook news feed or within it.


This is an advantage over businesses that have no Facebook company page because their ads placements are limited to the right-side column.

With a Facebook company page, you’re given the opportunity to even place ads that you find on the newsfeeds of other users. That’s an excellent way to captivate your target audience easily.

This appears this way considering that the source for your ad used by Facebook is your Facebook company page link.  

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Closing Remarks on reasons to Create a Facebook Company Page

I used this blog post to discuss the reason it is important to create a Facebook company page. I have thrown more light on the benefits of this Facebook feature for your business.

The value of Facebook as a remarkable e-commerce tool is worth every marketer’s attention. Running a business in this contemporary world without a Facebook company page is a disservice to your business.  

If you are not fully conversant with the right way to use your Facebook company page, rest assured that I’m here to help you understand it effortlessly. If there’s a question you want to ask, leave it in the comments section below.


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