Why Should You Use Twitter for Business Marketing?

Reasons to Use Twitter for Business Marketing - Twitter for busi

If your brand isn’t using Twitter for business marketing, then you’re missing out on a lot of things!

Twitter is a social media platform that kicked off with all things social. But now, it’s become an effective and useful marketing tool for business. 

On this platform, there are countless business marketing benefits that you can get out of it. It can help you boost your communication with your customers, improve your engagement with possible clients, and strengthen brand awareness. 

And the best thing? You can do all of these things for FREE!

If you see it as an amazing opportunity, then you should definitely use Twitter for business marketing. In this post, I’ll talk about the reasons why you should use it and what you get out of it. 

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Reasons to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

One of the best reasons why you should use Twitter for business marketing is because it’s one of the biggest and most influential social media platforms today. 

Since 2016, the number of users on the platform continue to rise. Also, are more likely to recall content on Twitter. 

In addition to that, Twitter’s ad engagement grew 50% between late 2017 and late 2018 while 40% of users say that they’ve bought something via an influencer’s tweet. 

With all of these said, it just shows that using Twitter for business marketing is worth it. 

Still not convinced? Read the reasons I’ve listed below. With these 5 benefits, you’ll be using Twitter for business in no time. 

It Allows You to Connect with Customers

There are a lot of brands that are using Twitter for business marketing to connect with their clients. In most cases, they use the platform to provide customer service. 85% of small to medium businesses that use Twitter see customer service as vital for their marketing. 

This is why customer service should be a part of your plan when you’re aiming to connect better with your customers. Through this, it’ll be easier for you to gain their trust when you respond to their questions. 

You can also use their feedback for the future. The feedback will be very useful especially if you wish to expand your business or improve product quality. 

Keep in mind that Twitter isn’t just about customer service. You can also send direct messages to your followers about updates on your products and service. Also, you can simply tweet that’ll let your users know what’s going on with your brand. 

Another one of the best ways to connect with your customers is by hosting a Twitter chat. This is an organized discussion on the platform that focuses on a particular subject. Usually, it’s organized around a hashtag and is scheduled in advance. 

A lot of brands use Twitter chats as this lets them answer their clients’ questions. On the other hand, some use it to share their expertise in their niche. 

Either way, you’ll provide value. And this is something that your clients’ will appreciate the most. 

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to make your own Twitter chat. There are some brands that participate in chats moderated by other people. 

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It Allows Better Brand Awareness

Just being active on Twitter can do a lot for your brand. Remember that this is one of your main goals on Twitter for business marketing. It’s because you want people to know what you have to offer. 

This is relevant to the previous tip. Promoting to your clients can only be done when you connect with them. 

You can use Twitter for business marketing through the following: 


  • Tweet company messages.
  • Promote products and company innovations.
  • Announce events, discounts, or competitions.
  • Retweet posts about your niche.
  • Comment on or share tweets where others have tagged you.

If you want more ideas, read my article on what to post on Twitter for business

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It Allows You to Monitor Competitors

On Twitter, you don’t have to follow your competitors just to see what they’re up to. All you have to do is make a private Twitter list and put them on it. This will let you monitor their activities on the platform. 

By knowing what your competitors do on Twitter for business marketing, you’ll gain inside on data such as: 


  • Which influencers they reach out to.
  • Which accounts they’re following.
  • What type of content they’re posting.
  • How they’re interacting with their customers.
  • What marketing strategies they’re using.


With this information, it can help you with your Twitter for business marketing plans. For example, if you know how the competitor is engaging with customers, you can pick areas for improvement on your engagement strategies. 

You might look for customer queries that haven’t addressed. Then you can go ahead and address them. When you do this, you’ll offer customers something the competitors don’t have. 

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It Allows You to Gain More Traffic To Your Website

There are a lot of ways to use Twitter for business marketing that will gain you more traffic to your site. One example is by taking advantage of the links you put in your profile or tweets. 

The platform lets you put an external link on your profile. If the rest of your promotions are working, then you should be getting a good number of profile views. This means that you get more chances for Twitter users to visit your website. 

You can also tweet about your content by sharing links to the latest blog posts, current promos, and more. As long as you keep people interested with what you’re promising in the link, they’ll definitely click on it. 

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Final Thoughts on Twitter for Business Marketing

That’s all for the reasons why you should use Twitter for business marketing

As I mentioned above, there are enough reasons why you should Twitter for business marketing. Twitter already hosts many businesses. That means that you and your business should jump right on in. 

If you’re using Twitter for business marketing, you get a chance to reach out to customers in many ways. You can provide customer service, get their feedback, and even engage with them better through Twitter chats. 

You can also use Twitter for business marketing to boost brand awareness. Interact with others on Twitter, tweet as often as you can, and just basically do things that will make your business more visible online. In fact, you can even generate buzz through contests and promos. 

Use Twitter to monitor the competition. It’s very likely that they’re on Twitter as well. By watching what they do on the platform, this will help you figure out how to do more than them that will satisfy your audience more. 

And lastly, use Twitter for business marketing to gain more traffic to your website. You can do this by adding external links in your tweets. 

Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in one day. The same goes for using Twitter for business marketing. You’re going to need to put a significant amount of time and effort to get its full benefits. 

I suggest you read my previous blogs about Twitter to help you. Through these, you’ll gain more tips on how you can use Twitter for business marketing. 

If you have more questions about Twitter for business marketing, leave a comment below. 


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