Why Start Your Own Business

Why Start Your Own Business.

We were driving from Cincinnati to Dayton to meet up with some friends, and  I started talking to Bren about how grateful I was that we started our own business.  We had real estate and stocks already, but to be truly successful and wealthy it’s also important to own your own business, and a network marketing business is one of the easiest and least expensive businesses to start up.

The following video is conversation that Bren and I had about why start your own business.

VIDEO: Why Start Your Own Business

Bren recently got me the audio book, How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?, by Robert Shemin from the library, and I had been listening to it in the car for the past week.  One of the points he makes is that it’s important to have four types of assets to become a “rich idiot”, or someone who goes against the normal way of thinking and becomes wealthy.

Four Types of Assets

1) Cash reserves –  This includes enough cash reserves for at least six months if you suddenly lost your source of income(s).

2) Real estate –  Robert describes this as being your personal home plus at least two rental properties, though he goes on to say many “rich idiots” go well beyond that once they get started.

3) Stocks & bonds – It is very important to include stocks and bonds in your list of assets because of their ability to help grow your money.

4) Business –  You should own at least one business.  Robert actually started off with his first business being an MLM (multi-level marketing) company.

People let fear hold themselves back from being wealthy.  They make excuses why they can’t do something, like invest in stocks, or start a business.  Those excuses only serve to hold them back from reaching their potential.

I highly recommend checking out the book, How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?  It will explain in more detail as to why start your own business.

Take a bold step today! You will be so thankful that you did!

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Article: Why Start Your Own Business

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