9 Reasons Why Twitter Is Good for Business

9 Answers to Why Twitter is Good for Business - Twitter, Social Media, Business

Are you thinking about why Twitter is good for business marketing?

It’s important for business owners to find the right social media platform for their business. The right choice depends on their needs and goals.

But for many business owners, Twitter is the best platform for marketing.


I’ll answer that today. In this blog post, I’ll talk about why Twitter is good for business.

Why Twitter Is Good for Business

Twitter gives several benefits to business owners that can help them reach their marketing goals. Besides its wide reach, it also boasts many marketer-friendly features. Those features can do a lot to aid a brand promotion strategy.

But to get the benefits of using Twitter, you need to understand it completely. It’s important for you to know how it works so you can use it more effectively.

With that said, here are the reasons why Twitter is good for business.

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1) Twitter Allows Easy Communication

This the first reason why Twitter is good for business. It allows you to communicate with your customers easily.

Lots of people are using Twitter. It has millions of active users.  But despite that, you can easily filter those users so you can find your potential customers.

Twitter also supports hashtags. It organizes the tweets sent by its users.  This helps you to send your tweets to the right audience.

In addition to that, Twitter process real-time information. The tweets that you post will appear immediately on this platform.

Just make sure to post tweets that are related to your business. You will lose your audience if you post tweets that are not related to your products or services. Also, consider making a content strategy to ensure that you’ll get the attention of your target audience.


2) It Builds B2B Relationships

Another reason why Twitter is good for business is that it can help in building B2B relationships.

This platform isn’t only useful for communicating with customers. You can also use it to form a partnership with other companies.

Twitter allows businesses to communicate with each other.  You can respond to the tweets of other companies. To encourage them to share your posts, you can do the same with theirs. In other words, you can engage other businesses on the platform to form connections with them.

Building a partnership with other businesses on Twitter can be beneficial. It can increase your reach and sales.

3) Using Twitter Can Increase Your Sales

Want to know why Twitter is good for business? It can increase your sales!

Since Twitter process real-time information, it’s the best platform to use to announce your deals or discounts. These kinds of events attract a lot of consumers.

Twitter users spend lots of hours scrolling down their newsfeed. Most of them immediately check interesting content, especially if it’s a discount or sale.

That behavior can increase your sales. In fact, a large percentage of Twitter users purchase products that they see on their newsfeed.

4) It Increases Your Online Visibility

Exposure is another reason why Twitter is good for business. Twitter is generating 500 million tweets a day from its 200 million active users. This is why Twitter is one of the best platforms to endorse your business.

Chances of being found by your target audience are higher on Twitter.  An average Twitter user spends more time their feed than other social media outlets.

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5) Twitter Helps in Managing Online Reputation

Many business owners choose Twitter because it helps them manage their online reputation. That’s why Twitter is good for business.

There are lots of things that could happen on the Internet. Many people can say good or bad things about your business.

If people say something bad about you, it’s best to address it on Twitter.

Remember that a Tweet feed refreshes every minute. Your audience can quickly see your statement if you post it on Twitter.

Posting an official statement can quickly clear up any false rumors or issues about your business.

6) You Can Use It to Spy on Competitors

There’s a chance that your competitors are also using Twitter. If they’re using it too, you can capitalize on it. You can spy on them to counter their business strategy.

Other than that, spying on competitors can help you make a better marketing strategy. It can help you avoid the mistakes that they make.

Also, spying on competitors allows you to steal or copy the strategy that works well on your target audience.

7) Best Platform to Promote Business Blog

Twitter can give lots of benefits to your blog as well.

This social media platform offers widgets. It’s possible to add a share button to your blog posts, for example. This allows your visitors to easily share your posts with their followers.

In addition to that, you can post shortened links on your Twitter page. This can help to bring traffic to your website or blog.

If promoted effectively, there’s a possibility that your post will trend or go viral. That’s surely an extra reason why Twitter is good for business.

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8) Twitter Can Help You Become Popular

Trending or going viral can give positive results to your online marketing campaign.

You’ll get more benefits if you’re popular. It will increase the number of your followers and it can also boost different aspects of your business. For example, it can improve your sales and brand image.

Your chance of getting retweets goes up if you’re popular. This can increase your visibility to your target audience. Thus, it raises your chance of getting sales because of newfound customers.

9) It Allows You to Advertise Your Business

Here’s my last answer to why Twitter is good for business.

Twitter is good for business because it allows you to advertise to a large number of persons. Advertising will cost money but it’s cheaper than the traditional way.

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter has features and tools for advertising. It can help you promote your business to users who are not yet following your account.

Twitter has 3 types of ads:

  • Promoted Tweets – A promoted tweet looks like ordinary Tweets but it’ll appear on the feed of your target audience even if they’re not yet following you. Also, promoted tweets are labeled as “Promoted”.
  • Promoted Accounts – Your account will be suggested to users based on different categories. This type of ad can increase your chance of getting new followers who are actually interested in your business.
  • Promoted Trends – This type of Twitter advertisement promotes your #hashtag or topic.


That’s a lot of options for promoting your brand. That’s why Twitter is good for business.

Final Thoughts on Why Twitter Is Good For Business

That’s some of the reasons why Twitter is good for business. This list could go on forever if I mentioned all the reasons why you should be using this platform.

If you’re not yet using Twitter, you better start creating an account for your business. Remember, Twitter can boost different aspects of your business. Also, it can help you manage your image on the Internet.

If you want to know more about “Why Twitter is Good for Business”, leave any questions in the comment section below.

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