Why Use LinkedIn for Business? Here’s Why!

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Why use LinkedIn for business? The reasons are numerous and worth discussing.

Marketers naturally want to be exceptional at business strategies wherever they find themselves and LinkedIn as a platform has a lot to offer.

However, it is only after you must have experimented on a platform and benefited from it that you can fully appreciate it.

The thing is that gaining all that experience needs perseverance, because the value of a marketing campaign can only be confirmed after a couple of months. You must wait for the results of your work. After all, nothing good comes easy or fast.

The problem is, you’ll have to deal with the fear while you wait that all you’ve done was in vain because the platform just can’t meet your marketing needs.

You don’t want to be the victim of such an outcome. So, being able to find out early why use LinkedIn for business can be helpful.

With that said, let’s find out the answers to the question “Why use LinkedIn for business?

Why Use LinkedIn for Business?

The popularity of LinkedIn as a platform is so massive that it boasts of as many as 500 million members and up to 260 million users who are active monthly.

It also registers at least 2 new members every second. The platform is one of the leading networks for generating leads, connections, and revenue.

So why use LinkedIn for business? The above facts have of course answered the question. With that many people on it, it’s a good place for doing promotions.

But we can go into even more detail about it. Let’s go on and provide the many answers to “Why use LinkedIn for business?

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LinkedIn Enhances the Visibility and Reputation of the Brand

Why use LinkedIn for business? It’s not easy to establish an online presence but doing so using LinkedIn can be make the job easier.

On LinkedIn, you can easily make an impactful connection with entrepreneurs and businesses that can be potential suppliers or buyers.

There are also myriad features on the platform that render finding the right connections pretty simple. That’s another a great reason to use LinkedIn.

To illustrate, it comes with an advanced search ability that helps you to filter by location, industries, company names, and more. That helps connect your business to others to produce better marketing results.

That’s just one way it enhances your visibility to the exact audience you need for your business’s growth.

LinkedIn Helps to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn is better at promoting a business than many other platforms because of the unique features it carries.

Professionals are mostly the ones using LinkedIn and are on the platform for the promotion of marketing projects, unlike users elsewhere.  

Unlike on Facebook and Twitter, promotion on LinkedIn is natural and not something that takes a backseat to socializing with users. There’re networks in which if you promote too aggressively, it will be considered bad for your image.

With LinkedIn, aggressive promotion isn’t a problem.  So, why use LinkedIn for business? Because the way the platform is built favors business.

If you want to do your promotion on LinkedIn, make a list on the network of the products and services you sell and get them linked to your website. You can even link to other promotional media or material you have on other sites.

It’s also okay to ask your customers to place your product and service reviews on the platform… and we all know how positive promotional reviews are.

Link Building and Traffic Driving Are Great with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is good for link building, and getting more visitors to your website. You can use it in tandem with your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost website traffic.

LinkedIn provides do-follow and no-follow links. The former help your search results ranking and the latter don’t affect it.  

Both of them are important, though.

That’s since a do-follow link boosts your SEO whereas a no-follow link on LinkedIn posts still draws users to read your content on your website.

The platform has many links which are worth exploring and which experienced marketers can take advantage of to send people to various landing pages and brand pages.

See now how LinkedIn can be great for your marketing? Sometimes I wonder why someone would even be asking the question “why use LinkedIn for business” when the reasons are so glaring.

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LinkedIn can Teach and Entice Clients

With LinkedIn, like in other social media platforms, you can create posts that are specific to your niche.

The platform allows you to provide as much educational material as you can to your clients via your content. That mostly means useful information about your products and services and more subjects related to your industry.

Keep in mind that the majority of these users you’re marketing to are professionals. Therefore, being professional is expected in your posts by LinkedIn itself as well as your audience.

Creating expert posts places genuine value in your content and account on the network, hence raising the credibility and reliability of your brand. Don’t forget to respond to comments on your posts too.

LinkedIn Can Help You with Generating Leads

The way LinkedIn facilitates sales and generates leads is a clear reason for using the platform for business. With effective marketing skills, you can use the platform to turn many users into paying customers.

When it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn has an effectiveness rate of 277 percent plus, compared to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s all about how you find them. It can be through existing or potential customer walls or the walls of LinkedIn groups. Their pages usually have problems posted by the users that you can provide answers for. It’s a good way to capture their attention.

This implies that one of your duties will be to supply adequate and convincing answers to attract the attention of potential customers. The more professional you are, the higher the chances of useful interaction with individual users or groups… and that’s a great answer to why use LinkedIn for business.

Conclusive Remarks; Why Use LinkedIn for Business

We’ve talked about why use LinkedIn for business and why the platform should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

You can do more than look for jobs and potential employees on LinkedIn. The platform is great for showing off or promoting your business to increase the number of clients you have.

With LinkedIn, you can boost your brand visibility and give your business the promotion it deserves. You can build links to your official website as well as send traffic to it. This can result in generating leads, and that is as good an answer as any for the question of why use LinkedIn for business.

Once more, it’s important to ask why use LinkedIn for business. The answer again is simple. Because it can generate many opportunities for the continuous growth of your business. Therefore, using the platform to promote your business is one of the best things you can ever do for your company.

Marketing using LinkedIn can be a bit challenging for a starter but that’s natural and can be made easier with time. More importantly, it’s worth it once you start seeing the results.

Do you have any questions about why use LinkedIn for business? If you do, leave them in the comment section below.

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