The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World

The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World

“The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World” written by Guest Contributor.

Are you tired of your work schedule? Do you have to work when you would rather be spending time with your family or doing what you love to do?

Feel trapped in your cubicle prison?

Then you can benefit from learning the joys of working from anywhere in the world.  Learn about my own discovery… something that can benefit you.

The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World

My entire working life I have been searching for the perfect work environment and schedule. I kept trying to solve it by join back to school.

Working As A Nurse

I started out working as a nursing assistant in a nursing home and after working a couple of years of 12- hour shifts punching a clock I thought if I went back to school to become an RN my job would be easier physically and I would be happier with my work schedule. Both jobs had their rewards….service to people in need and the satisfaction of helping the sick and dying…

I still wasn’t happy being on someone else’s schedule. I didn’t want to have to punch a clock and be somewhere that I couldn’t leave only to take a 30 min lunch break, wear a uniform, etc.

I would take part time positions where I could work four hours at a time but still longed for a perfect schedule and a way to be myself in my work environment.

Back to School

I kept going back to school thinking I would work in more of a preventative medicine environment, I got my massage therapy and esthetic license.

This was better, but I still worked for the spa industry and had set hours.

My Perfect Day

One day I decided to write down my perfect day. Exactly what it would look like.

I wake up and make a healthy meal. Maybe work a little, go to the gym work out an hour or two, run a few errands, come home have lunch and work a little, take a nap eat dinner and work more at night.


It wasn’t until we started our online business three years ago that I was able to achieve that perfect schedule and this is exactly what my day looks like now.

Benefits of Working From Anywhere

I think the two top benefits of a home bases business is the ability to make money being myself. I get to write about my thoughts and connect with like-minded people.

And I get to work anytime for anywhere.

From the gym…

The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World

My car…

BMW X3 3.0si cars pictures gallery (5)

From the other side of the world…

The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World


I get to have complete flexibility.

  • I get to wear what I want. No more scrubs, uniforms or business casual. I get to wear yoga, gym clothes and pajamas. Complete comfort!
  • I get to travel the world with my family and write it off on my taxes. My son and daughter-in-law <3 even helped us make videos from China last January.


  • You can work with your significant other. This can be a great way to take your relationship to the next level. Working with your spouse or significant other can be a great way to share creativity and spend time  together.

Final Words on Working From Anywhere In The World

There is a lot of flexibility and power in being able to work from anywhere in the world.  Follow this simple exercise and you may find that you may follow a similar path.

Write down what your perfect day looks like and put it in a special place. I have a box I call my managers box. I put my goals and visions for the future in this box as a way of co-creating with the universe. If you have a dream of a certain lifestyle, write it down, believe and take inspired action steps every day and you WILL get there.


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Article: The Joys of Working From Anywhere In The World

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