Top 5 YouTube Marketing Tips

Finding it hard to market your business on YouTube? 

A lot of business owners nowadays are having a hard time when it comes to marketing their products and services on YouTube. 

They’re mainly having a hard time trying to get more subscribers and viewers into their channels. 

This is because their channels are not optimized for this purpose. 

Today, I’ll be giving you 5 of the best YouTube marketing tips that you can do to make your life easier. 

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YouTube Marketing Tips 

There’s no doubt that your business should be on YouTube. 

See, YouTube videos allow you to better connect with your audience. 

Although there are a lot of people who don’t listen to the audio of videos on other social media platforms, it’s expected that they listen to the ones on YouTube videos. 

However, you’ll have to optimize your channel before you can connect with your audience. 

We’ll be talking about YouTube marketing tips you can use to optimize your channel and gain success on the platform. 

The Right Video Titles


To increase views on your YouTube videos, make sure that they are labelled with the right titles. 

This will help entice your audience to click on it and view the video. 

Check out the related videos in your niche and see how other people compose titles for their videos. 

Most experienced online marketers start their titles with keywords to help increase the visibility of their titles online. 

Each of these titles should not be more than 70 characters. 

This means that you have to optimize your channel and make the most out of the characters allowed for each title. 

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Next in this list of YouTube marketing tips is for you to make use of interesting thumbnails for your videos. 

See, the more eye-catching the thumbnail is, the more interested your audience will be to watch your video. 

If you put a high-quality thumbnail, people will also think that it’s a high-quality video. 

This means that you’ll have to invest in graphics more than anything and assign aesthetically adept thumbnails when setting up your videos for upload. 

You can go ahead and hire someone to do this for you. You can also learn Photoshop editing and create your own thumbnails.

Your Intro Video


When it comes to YouTube video marketing tips, you have to have an awesome intro video. 

YouTube enables their users to have two display intro videos on their channel’s home page.

One of those is only displayed to new visitors who have not yet subscribed while the other one appears to those users who have already visited your channel. 

Most YouTubers make use of the intro video to introduce their channel and what’s it all about. 

Sometimes, they also use a call-to-action to compel users to subscribe and watch their videos. 

The second video can be used for announcements and promotions on your channel. 

It’s all up to you. Just make sure that your intro video will entice people to subscribe and watch your videos. 

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High-Quality Videos 

When learning YouTube marketing tips, you have to know the importance of uploading high-quality videos. 

This will be your content and your selling-point. So it’s best to make sure that you invest time and effort when it comes to your videos. 

If you want ideas on how to make high-quality videos, you should research about popular videos in your niche and gather ideas on how they do it. 

You can watch videos that are produced by influencers in your niche to get a better grasp of the best videos. 

This will attract your audience and potentially retain them. 

What you can do is hire someone to shoot your videos for you, download an app, or use a DSLR camera for this. 

Then, you can also have professionals edit your video or learn how to expertly edit your video on your own.


Organizing Your Videos and Playlists 

Lastly in today’s list of YouTube marketing tips, it’s time that you learn about organizing your videos and your playlists. 

This way, your channel will look more professional and people will not get confused. 

Once you have posted high-quality content, organize your content by creating playlists. 

And then, you can start using titles, tags, and captions on those playlists to further give your audience a more efficient experience when they are on your channel. 

Always be active and share your content on other social media sites because this will help increase your subscribers and views on your YouTube videos and channel. 

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Final Thoughts on Top 5 YouTube Marketing Tips 

Today, we discussed the Top 5 YouTube marketing tips to help you gain more subscribers and views on the platform.

 I mentioned that you have to optimize your channel, be sure to make use of good titles and thumbnails, upload high-quality content, and of course, organize your content. 

These are very important YouTube marketing tips that you ought to follow for you to succeed with your venture on the platform. 

If you have further questions regarding YouTube marketing tips, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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