YouTube Video Marketing Tools for Your Business

YouTube Video Marketing Tools for Your Business

Are you wondering what video marketing tools to use to improve the quality and reach of your YouTube video marketing campaign?

In recent years, brands have had a surge in video marketing schemes as a means of reaching more customers for their products or services.

In other words, companies have adopted the making of videos as an essential method of outreach across the world.

There’s no need to wonder why video campaigns are so effective. First off, consumers are naturally attracted to visual content. Most people find it easier to connect to video-based delivery sources.

Besides, videos face fewer language barrier issues, as the moving images alone are sometimes enough for customers (irrespective of their background) to appreciate a brand.

What of the quality of the videos made and how relatable they really are to the consumer?  For the sake of enhancing sound quality, images and the content of these videos, businesses employ professional videographers to make exceptional videos for the ultimate impact of their marketing campaigns.

What next, after an expertly done video gets completed?

The process of distributing the content becomes the next step. For effective distribution, businesses should look for video marketing tools that are good enough for the platform and that can help the company reach more YouTube users.

That’s actually what we’re talking about today. We’ll be looking at popularly used video marketing tools from YouTube and the reasons for using them.

Important Video Marketing Tools on YouTube

Facebook and Instagram are doing all they can to expand the video features of their platforms.

But their efforts still haven’t been enough to change the leading position YouTube holds as far as online videos are concerned.

YouTube enjoys a lot of trust from its users and companies. That’s why it’s the video sharing platform all brands focus on for their video marketing strategy.

If you’re planning to do video marketing on YouTube too, you should remember that being successful doesn’t happen overnight. It’s only with perseverance and effort that you can get the results you are looking for.

And most importantly, you have to use the right video marketing tools for your work.  

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The Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing offers several marketing choices for businesses. That versatility gives brands a lot of freedom in how they communicate with consumers.

Also, videos can tell a story or showcase a business much better than text and static images. Their dynamic, multimedia character allows them to project the personality or goal of a brand more effectively.

Video marketing comes with several benefits too, such as raising sales. According to a study, over 73% of users are influenced by promotional videos to swing towards purchasing a particular product.  

But videos without quality content can’t lead to benefits like that. It takes a good marketing professional to produce the right content that can sway existing and potential customers.

Well-done videos with good content build trust and connections while increasing subscribers. The best videos can adequately explain everything about a brand and provide users with the exact information they are looking for or should know.

Marketers today are fond of using videos to launch new products or services. That helps to spread knowledge of the brand more than any other marketing method could.

All of this tells you why video marketing is worth doing properly.

To help you with that, here are some video marketing tools you can find on YouTube that can enhance your video marketing campaign.

Search Filters in YouTube

The aim of building Youtube was to host videos and enhance video marketing for all kinds of products and services. YouTube has many essential features that shouldn’t be overlooked, such as its search engine filters.

These filters let you have access to videos that have the same content. The search engine filter offers high-ranking keywords for the content and theme.

This is the tool professional and experienced marketers use to be able to see the keyword that exists in content.

These very keywords get narrowed down to the correct keywords required to enrich the content they create.

Auto-Suggest YouTube  Feature

With YouTube’s AutoSuggest function, you can find commonly used keywords in your niche by simply having search queries completed.

Auto-suggest is of great importance, especially for newcomers who have very little awareness about the widely-used keywords for their product or service.

The Search Auto Suggest function can be tried by simply typing in a keyword in the search bar of YouTube to find out which suggested search terms will pop up.

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Bulk Suggest Tool

To get keywords that will make your video compete in the market on YouTube, use keywords that compare with those on YouTube and Google queries.

The function of the Bulk Suggest tool is to gather data from searchers who look for content about products and services that are similar to yours.    

Keywords are great at helping your business to reach a large audience once they search on a search engine. This tool is perfect for such a strategy.

BirdSong Analytics

BirdSong Analytics helps to foster competition based on your knowledge of what other brands are doing. It’s a tool for competitive analysis. The tool checks the statistics of interesting public YouTube channels.

Once you study the engagement strategies and SEO tactics they use, you can then apply them to your brand for better management of your video marketing campaign.

With the data this tool offers, the right video-posting times can be established. Even the right information about the length of your videos can be learned.


With the scheduling tool DrumUp, you can share your YouTube videos with users in many other social media platforms. DrumUp is a video marketing tool that helps to relieve you from the stress of having to keep your social media page updated personally.


As a tool developed for graphic design for video enhancement, Canva is simple to use.  With it, you can create a lot of designed stuff, from YouTube thumbnail to even an infographic in the business video you’re sharing.

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VidIQ is a tag-suggestion tool with which to choose the right tools to give your videos vast visibility. For your videos to gain entrance into the section for  “related videos”, VidIQ enables your YouTube video to be easily discoverable.


TubeBuddy is a tool for YouTube analytics, and you can use it to know the performance of your channel. With the kind of information it gives you, you can know which video tags to select for your good.

Also, as a chrome extension (unlike the other video marketing tools discussed here), TubeBuddy is not going to be a problem regarding space consumption in your computer.

Conclusive Remarks About YouTube Video Marketing Tools

The role video marketing tools play in online marketing has attracted many business owners, and a significant number have integrated the tools as a strategy of pushing their marketing content out to many potential and existing customers.


Video marketing has gained so much ground in recent years that it’s necessary to use it to stay competitive. Benefits that come from using videos in marketing include brand personality and new product and service promotion.

Videos raise sales according to studies that emphasize how videos explain even complex concepts business even much better.  Accordingly, up to 73% of online customers buy showcased promotional products they watch on YouTube and also YouTube remains the leading option for video content and marketing.


To help you make the most of YouTube for video marketing, I’ve given you some key video marketing tools to use for it. Here they are again:


  • YouTube’s native search filters,
  • YouTube’s autosuggest,
  • BirdSong Analytics,
  • DrumUp,
  • Canva,
  • VidIQ, and
  • TubeBuddy.

You can leave a question in the comment section below about this discussion on video marketing tools.

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