How to Get Embedded YouTube Videos to Autoplay in a Blog Post

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“How to Get Embedded YouTube Videos to Autoplay in a Blog Post” written by Mike Marko.

Have you had trouble getting people to stick around long enough to read your blog post?

Or even to check out the rest of the blog?

Well a way I found to keep people from quickly bouncing off a blog post is to have embedded video.  Having a one to three minute video is a great way to get someone to stick around long enough to get some more interest in the rest of your website.  Since I don’t want to wait for them to click the video play button (since they may already plan to bounce off), I have the video autoplay.

So in case you are wondering how to get embedded youtube videos to autoplay in a blog post, I decided to both create an embedded video showing you how (notice that it autoplays 🙂 ) as well as some reference screen shots.

How to Get Embedded YouTube Videos to Autoplay in a Blog Post

Example Before Adding Code

Example After Adding Code

Final Words

Try using video that autoplays when people visit your blog posts.  It help grab peoples attention, and will encourage them to stay longer.  This works really well with engaging video.


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